YogaCurious – Glimpse of 2013 and New Year Resolution

Yoga Curious New YearYogaCurious team wishes you a very Happy New year. Lets welcome this year with full of enthusiasm and we wish you that this year will be the great year in terms of health and wealth. May this year 2014, mark the beginning of a tidal wave of good health, happiness and the bright future.

Every year we make some resolutions for the self-improvement. Basically the meaning of these resolutions is to make a promise with yourself that you will do something good and different or stop doing anything which is your weak point or negatives. Let us make a resolution to get good health in this year by doing Yoga.  Yoga is a traditional method of exercise for the development of physical, mental, social as well as spiritual health.

To encourage our readers, we at YogaCurious have different section and categories. Here is the brief about activities we did in year 2013 at different section of our website.

YogaCurious eCommerce Web Portal

You can call our eCommerce portal as recommendation engine that enlist world’s top selling yoga products and fitness equipments from different brands. Here are few best selling yoga products based on our user’s purchase:

Yoga Blog in 2013 

Yoga blog at YogaCurious is considered one of the most popular yoga blog in online media. In 2013, our team of blog editor has published numerous articles, videos, FAQs, events and lots of other useful information. Here is the brief about different activities we are doing at YogaCurious blog.

We are publishing articles based on reader’s questions like:

We have published interviews of Yoga Experts from around the world

In our “interview with expert” series, we have published interviews of leading yoga teacher, holistic healing therapist, vedic gurus and other experts. In which they shared their journey about respective subjects and also shared their knowledge about Yoga. team is very close to their viewers. In our blog we write reviews of Yoga Books shared different Yoga Poses and its benefits. We offer best collection of Yoga books that offer ample information regarding Yoga and its various posses. We also wrote about the advantages of different posses and how to practice these posses. Basically we try to guide you with all the posses and postures in a best possible manner to make you fit.

Some of our blog post on Yoga Books, Videos and DVDs

One of the most popular yogacurious section is yogacurious deals; where we publish best and recent deals offered by leading yoga, fitness and other related brands. Our deals section has helped over 1000s of users to save on their purchase with latest coupons shared by yogacurious. Here are few top YogaCurious deals stores:

Our readers are mainly divided in to two different segments; one is Yoga lover and second is fitness and gym exercise lover. If you are one who wants to switch from Gym to yoga practice in this New Year, here is one article we recently published on Comparison of Yoga with Gym Exercise.

After reading all these benefits of yoga, if you are interested to start your first yoga session, here is one useful article on How to Start Practicing Yoga?

We are sure that after reading all this motivational material about yoga, you are now ready to start your new year with new resolution that is “Practicing Yoga for better health”.

All the best!

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