I Want to Know the Basics of Breathing in Yoga

Learn breathing in Yoga

Recently i found this important and very basic question on Google+ community by Samsu Ridho that every person should know who want to start practicing yoga.

Here is the original question:

How to breath in Yoga

It is very important for yoga practitioner to control their bathing process to get maximum benefits of their yoga practice. Here are few answers provided by various yoga experts.

Yoga Breathing Suggestions

Answer by YogaCurious:

The first and very important part in breathing is your posture. here are few important points:

the upper body is straight and erect
head, neck and back are in alignment
shoulder and abdominal muscles are relaxed
the hands rest on the knees
the eyes are closed
the body remains motionless

Seat in given posture and start breath in for 2-3 seconds and breath-out slowly in 2-3 seconds. Consider this process as one cycle and repeat them for 4-5 minutes.

You can increase the duration of this process at your continent.

I am sure it will help !!

According to you; what should be the best practice of breathing while practicing yoga? Share your experience in comments.

Namaste !!

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