10 Easy Yoga Poses for Back Pain to Get Long Time Relief

Are you suffering from Back pain? Looking for a simple yoga poses recovered? This article is for you.

Back Pain is among the most common issues that people face with their physical conditions. The causes for the pain in the back can be many ranging from a sports injury of the past to sitting at the desk for a long period of time. Now, there are a number of yoga poses that can help relieve back pain, irrelevant of the causes of the physical condition.

Important Instructions While Doing Yoga Positions:

Yoga is not all about the appropriate poses. It is also about proper breathing while maintaining the correct poses. Yoga requires slow, calculated breathing, as this helps the proper utilization of the effects of the poses on the body. Proper breathing during yoga is most important for the treatment of back pain resulting from past injuries. When this happens, the muscles situated around the injured region tighten to protect the body from further injuries. However, it can also lengthen, or sometimes even thwart comprehensive cure.

Some useful yoga poses for Back Pain:

1. Reclining Half-Ankle-To-Knee Pose

reclining half ankle to knee pose

How to do?

While lying on the back, a person must lift one knee and hold the shin, while placing the other leg on the thigh. After this is done, the knee must be gently drawn towards the chest.

2. Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)


Image source: Wikimedia 

How to do?

For Uttanasan pose, a person has to stand with their feet parallel, and bend over the legs, with the arms, back and the neck releasing in the direction of the ground.

3. Supported Bridge Pose 


How to do?

This supported bridge pose requires a person to lie on the back with feet behind the hips and knees upwards, after which the hips have to be raised to a comfortable level and a block has to be placed beneath the sacrum.

4. Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)


Image source: Wikimedia

How to do?

This pose requires a person to sit down between the heels with knees crossed over one another and the calf of one leg placed beneath the other and ankles widened out. It can also performed in different position of legs as explained in Wikipedia article.

5. Plow Pose (Halasana)


Image source: Wikimedia

How to do?

Halasana pose requires a person to lie with arms parallel to the body and bringing the knees towards the chest. Gradually, the feet have to be lifted backwards to touch the floor behind the head.

6. Reclining Eagle Twist

reclining eagle twist

How to do?

While lying on the back, the feet have to be pulled right behind the hip. After this, one leg has to be rested sideways, while the other leg has to be gradually moved towards the resting leg and wrapped around it.

7. Reclining Single Leg Twist

Reclining Single Leg Twist

How to do?

Lying with arms and legs straight, one knee has to be drawn close to the chest, after which the outside of the foot have to be held by the opposite hand. Then the leg has to be stretched to the opposite side to touch the floor.

8. Cat – cow pose (Marjaiasana)


How to do?

To apply this position, You have to stretch your back torso and neck. You have to spine from rounded position to arched one. While doing this movement you have to continuously inhale and exhale the breath slowly.

9. Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)



Image source: Wikimedia

How to do?

firstly, lie on the stomach and keep your legs close together. place your hands downward and keep your elbows parallel and keep your torso close. lift your head and chest during keeping your navel on the floor

10. Child’s Pose (Balasana):


Image source: Wikimedia

How to do?

To do this pose, keep your toes together and give your palms rest on your thighs after it lowers your torso among your knees extend your arms along with it and relax your shoulder on the ground as long you can

Image source: Wikimedia

6 thoughts on “10 Easy Yoga Poses for Back Pain to Get Long Time Relief

  1. Sağlık açısından yoga uygulamayı çok istiyorum ancak ben grtlak kanseriyim. uygulamalardaki hareketlerde zorlanır mıyım diye endişeye kapılıyorum. bu konuda beni aydınlatırsanız memnun olurum. sağlıklı günler diliyorum….

  2. Dear Emel.

    It all depends on the stage of your cancer. If there is a uncomfortable pain in your adam’s apple while bending forward, then some of the poses might not be useful. However, there is also a comfortable pain, which might indicate that is is alright to bend and twist. There are many poses and breathing exercises that are beneficial for your illness but I would need to see you in person to asses your condition. I am residing in Istanbul.


  3. Are there specific yoga exercises to help cure a hiatus hernia. Many poses look like they only put pressure on abdomen and therefore on the H hernia.

  4. I would be very careful with poses like Uttanasana, especially if person has lower back issues, because different problems are needed to be healed differently. When we bend something the highest level of stretching goes into the bending point and if person’s backs of the legs are not flexible enough than the highest stretching point will be lumbar region which is not always beneficial with lower back problems. The person has to make sure that the highest point is sitting bones, then and only then the person will achieve this lengthening of the spine caused by reversing gravity point

    1. Completely agree with you Jane about your view on performing yoga poses for backpain like Uttanasana. Here we strongly recommend consulting or atleast practicing yoga under the observation of experience yoga teacher. Pranam

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