Yoga To Improve Digestion System Functions

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Recently we received very important question from one of our readers. He asked

How yoga can help to improve digestion system of our body?

Yoga can heal almost all diseases if practiced under expert’s guidance with proper diet. Today I will discuss about digestion system and few important Yoga Asanas that can help you to improve digestion functions.

Digestion in human body implies the chemical and mechanical breakdown of food into the smaller parts and then transforms that food into energy.  It is a most complex system of the human body that plays an important role in everyone’s life. Poor digestion system may cause many severe problems like Fat, Unhealthiness, Stress, Gas, bloating etc. So, the basic understanding of do’s and dont’s will make your digestive system better and improve the health.

Do this

Drink plenty of water; regular intake of plenty of water (8-10 glass), fiber, herbs, rice, fruits and vegetables, can reduce most of the digestive problems. In comparison to the fruits, fruit juice will be the better choice. But excess intake may cause negative results too.

Don’t do this

Processed foods and fast foods will give ill effects to the digestive system. Be careful of using dairy products and try to keep away from the citrus, avoid spicy foods, intake of alcohol and caffeine must be limited.

Yoga is the best exercise that can cleanses you internally and externally. With the regular practice of yoga, you will be cured from the lots of digestive problems. The rhythmic breathing of yoga removes the toxic materials that are generated by the unhealthy diet and lifestyle. It also helps us to reduce the stress and creates body balance. Regular Yoga practice can rejuvenates the whole body system. All I can say, Yoga have many health benefits like reduction of your excess fat, makes your body active, increase your physical strength, stress relief and many more. Yoga can not only improves your complete lifestyle but also take you to the right diet path.

Though Yoga has immense benefits but if the timings will be wrong then all efforts will go in vain even it will cause dangerous effects on your health also.  Don’t ever do Yoga just after a big meal, wait an hour for doing Yoga.  Here we are presenting a list of 13 poses to make better digestion system.  This list is distributed in 3 heads i.e. Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Yoga Poses




Apart from digestion system, yoga can also help us in different ways. Here are few additional benefits of yoga.

1) Helping Back pain Problem:

Now Doctors also believe that Yoga has many health benefits. Many poses are helpful in reducing the back pain. We have already published detailed article on different yoga poses for back pain.

2) Stress Relief:

Yoga is considered as a best stress reliever. Pranayama, and meditation are effective techniques to get rid of stress. In today’s busy and hectic life, small session of pranayama can help a lot to relieve from stress.

3) Increasing oxygen intake:

The consumption of Oxygen changes with the physical and mental activity. Yoga makes us physically and mentally fit.

4) Mental Health:

Regular practice of Yoga gives you inner peace of mind that will make you mentally fit. Your decision making power and the confidence will also increase drastically.

5) Physical Health:

Yoga is a best technique to get flexibility. Your resistance power will also improve by the regular practice of various yoga poses.

It’s not necessary to do Yoga for any particular age group, every age group of people can do yoga to improve their health. Even old age people will become more fit and the children will become more active and intelligent with the regular practice of Yoga. So there is no benchmark for the Yoga practicing.

Last but not the least, Yoga provide us many health benefits, all you need to give your daily commitment. It is a best and low investment practice that you can do at your palace. It is highly recommended by the doctors to do regular Yoga at least half an hour daily. Best time to do Yoga is morning but you can do after 3-4 hours of your meal. So eat healthy and be fit.

Important Note:

If you are not familiar about Yoga and want to start practice the same, we strongly recommend consult certified yoga teacher. We all have different body & structure and it may happen that one group of asanas works for one person may note help other person. Certified yoga teacher can guide you on practicing particular yoga poses by considering your health and physical abilities.

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