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5 Most Popular Yoga Videos on YouTube

most popular yoga videos on youtube

Yoga videos are the best source to learn different yoga poses at your home/office and YouTube is the best place to find such wonderful yoga videos at FREE of cost. Today, while searching such yoga videos, I found many vulgar videos in top listing on “Yoga” search term in YouTube.

Then I decided to write a blog post that includes top 5 yoga videos on YouTube by eliminating such rubbish and non relevant videos. Here I tried to include only helpful yoga videos based on their views in last one year. Here we Go!

#1 Morning Yoga Workout | Boho Beautiful

This yoga video about morning yoga and it has secured first position with 24,082,115 views

Yoga for Complete Beginners | Yoga With Adriene

This yoga video for complete beginners and it has secured second position with 44528317 views.

Ease Into It | Yoga With Adriene

This video is not explaining yoga poses; it is a time laps yoga videos in which hundreds of yogis are practicing yoga in same rhythm. An inspiring yoga video on third rank in our list with 239,347 views.

10-Minute Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch | Yoga with Kassandra

40 minutes of Rejuvenating yoga routine by gymra.com is on 4th position with 208,615 views. GymRa YouTube channel contains numbers of yoga video series that can help you to learn yoga with experience yoga instructors.

Yoga for Weight Loss | Yoga With Adriene

Kino MacGregor’s 2nd yoga video has secured the 5th Position in our list with 187,570 views in last one year.

Bonus Book

Music Zen: Meditation, Yoga, Taichi, Zen Relaxation
This video was on first position in our initial yoga video list with highest 1,021,472 views in last one year. Due to non relevancy with subject of this post, we removed it from our “Top 5 yoga video list”. By considering popularity of this

kino macgregor yoga book

For more details about this yoga book click here…

Important note:
Top 5 yoga videos on YouTube list is prepared based on total number of views in last one year from US location. Here we considered only those videos which are closely related to our subject matter. Non relevant videos with higher views count has been eliminated.

If you are an experience yogis and what to share your yoga videos, yoga pose images or yoga articles with us, please check detailed information on Share your yoga with us.

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  1. Hey..

    Appreciate your efforts on removing rubbish videos.. but still your are not near your goal..

    Check out the following blog as what really yoga is..




    Also, Check out the videos on Isha Institute of Inner Sciences or Isha Foundation.


    • Dear Mark,

      Thank you very much for your feedback on top yoga videos on youtube blog post.

      As we involved in Yoga since long, we know what is real yoga. This is why, we have already mentioned in our post that the videos listed here by considering their views. I am sorry to say but the people listed are investing a lot in getting popularity and this is why they are getting more views on their yoga videos.

      I am completely agree with you about actual yoga and i was socked when we did not found any yoga videos from such institutes or yoga teachers like B. K. S. Iyengar. We are well aware of Isha Foundation and we have already published one video by Sadhguru on wonderful topic “Can you meditate with your eyes open?

      Mark, thank you very much for sharing wonderful resource from Isha Foundation and i will really appreciate if you can write detailed article on your favorite topic and share with our readers.

      One more thing, soon we will be publishing an article that will cover yoga videos from resources cited by you.


    • Not all yogis are fake..to understand yogi; you need to understand the yoga first which not only includes asanas but also includes all 8 limbs explained in Ashtanga yoga.

    • Thank you Nicola for sharing this but we would more happy if you can write a detailed article on given point. Contact us if you are interested !


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