Comparison of Yoga with Gym Exercise?

Gym vs YogaWhile talking about workout first thing that clicks in our mind is to do gym but now we have other option too i.e. Yoga. Everything has some merits and demerits and it is quite natural. But this statement is some what false for Yoga as it require very little precaution as compare to gym. The most important thing is to do Yoga under the expert guidance to get positive effects. Doing Yoga in a wrong pose can also make these positives into negatives.

Now, we are discussing about why Yoga is better in comparison with Gym.

  • In Yoga you can maintain the balance of your entire body. With the regular practicing of Yoga your body will function properly.
  • In Yoga you can strengthen your muscles and arms without lifting weights as in Gym one need to do.
  • In Yoga you don’t need any specific equipment and you can do Yoga at any place whether at home or at office but with Gym you will need some equipments and specific place as well.
  • Yoga is a cost effective method to be fit and fine. You don’t need to spend a penny for Yoga but for Gym you have to pay some amount.
  • Yoga is a best weight lose tool where not only your weight reduces, your way of thinking will also change. On the other hand in Gym you can reduce your weight by doing mindless plow with the kick boxing.
  • In Yoga, you will learn about how to make a bond between your body and mind. In short, Yoga is a Self control therapy.
  • Yoga is an injury-free exercise while Gym can make you injured.

So in short, always chose that form of workout which saves your time, money and makes you feel great. All the qualities are available in Yoga only. It polishes our entire body internally as well as externally.

In Yoga we do meditation that cleanse our mind and provide great relaxation. Most important is that it will never harm our body. Literally Yoga makes our life easier and healthier. So start practicing Yoga in this year to stay fit, fine & healthy.

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