Understanding Yoga Gear: Building Physical and Mental Strength

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Whether you’re a skilled Yogi or just starting to practice Yoga, Yoga is an excellent way to build both physical and mental strength. At first you may feel intimidated due to harder poses such as back bends, inversions, or even forward bends. Remember that you are working on your core and strengthening your muscles while focusing and meditating. If some positions seem too difficult at first; yoga gear can assist you and can continue to help you even as a skilled yogi. By understanding this needs, we have separate section for yoga accessories and gears where you can find affordable and cheap yoga gears from brands like Gaiam, Manduka, The Clymb which has special category for Yoga.

Before you start learning yoga, the basic knowledge of yoga gears will help you to get the most out of your Yoga experience by understanding what tools can help you and Yoga will be more comfortable, challenging, and safer.

Yoga Mats

yoga matDid you know that when yoga was first practiced in India mats were made of grass or animal skins? We’ve come a far way and now there are more modern and Eco-friendly yoga mats available. Yoga mats are designed to help you meet the challenges in class. Mats come in a variety of materials and have different stickiness and thicknesses which helps with traction. You may need the traction while practicing poses such as the side plank, tree, and half twist.

When deciding on which yoga mat is best you need to understand the comfort that larger thicknesses provide as opposed to the stability of thinner mats. Thicker mats are not only easier on your bones and joints, but they also create a barrier between the feet and floor. Yoga mats vary in thickness and stickiness, depending on the materials used and what you need for your practice.

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Yoga Balls

Yoga BallYoga balls are used for sitting on, leaning on, and you can also lie across them during certain yoga practices which help with concentration and balance. They also come in different sizes. When selecting a yoga ball make sure it is strong and durable. You will be putting your full weight on the ball at times, especially while practicing the following positions: spinal rotation, Warrior I and II, Child yoga Pose, and Bridge on the Ball. Burst-resistant balls are ideal because they will deflate slowly, creating a gentle release of air. This will help you avoid a risk of injury while using a yoga ball.

Gaiam has also launched an Unique balance ball chair that offers different types of experiences which can be performed with yoga ball.

Yoga Blocks

Cork Yoga BlocksYoga blocks are very useful tools because they help support weight, align the body properly and also help you extend the reach of your hands. They come in cork, wood, bamboo, and foam, which all provide a different level of support. Bamboo and wood blocks are the most heavy and supportive but can be uncomfortable to use during lying and sitting poses. They are best used for yoga users who need to extend their reach or better align the spine. Foam and cork blocks are softer and provide more support, making them ideal to use for leaning poses. They also work well in some lying poses too.

An example of a position is to use a yoga block when bending down to touch the floor or yoga poses like shoulder supported bridge. This is helpful if you’re a new yoga student who is not flexible yet. A block used as a platform will help beginners and even advanced students achieve yoga poses. In time flexibility is increased.

Apart from these, there are numbers of Yoga gears that can make your yoga practice flexible and can give same result. Yoga tools make yoga a positive experience and strength and comfort is key while practice yoga. You can learn more about various yoga gears and accessories at YogaCurious home website.

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