Know About 7 Secret Chakras of Our Body!

“Chakras” the most discussed topic in the filed of yoga and holistic healing and there are lot of misconception about the topic. There are over 100s chakras in our body, to be more specific; there are 114 chakras from which 112 are there in our body and 2 are at outer side of the body. Checkout this interesting video in which Sri Sadhguru is discussing out these 2 outer Chakras of our body.

Apart from these 114 Chakras, mainly there are 7 important chakras we will be discussing in this article.

What is Chakra in our body?

Chakra is a holistic paradigm that includes fields like physiology, energy anatomy and astrology. The body’s energetic centers are called as chakras which are the part of subtle body and not the physical part of our body. As per the yogic view, they are the combination of energy, thoughts and the physical body. These chakras help to determine how we experience the reality through our emotional reactions, desires and the level of confidence. Here we presented the seven main chakras in our body.

Seven yoga chakras7 Important Chakras:

#1 Muladhara Chakra:

This center is located at the pelvic floor. This shows our connection to the earth and that keeps us grounded into the reality. It makes us physically strong as well as secure. Muladhara chakra holds our Kundalini Shakti that controls our instincts for food, survival, sleep and sex.

Yoga poses like Warrior stances, Chair Pose, hip-openers, deep lunges and squats are associated with Muladhara Chakra.

#2 Svadishthana Chakra:

This chakra is found in our sacrum and called as our water center. It is a home of our reproductive organs and desires. During this chakra, we can recognize our real potential and when this chakra asleep, we may be ruled by our emotions.

To balance this chakra, we can perform Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose). Other poses like forward bends, squats, and deep lunges also help us to bring our consciousness to this center.

#3 Manipura Chakra:

This chakra is found at the naval and associated with our digestive system. It is often recognized as an energy power house of the body because it controls the huge amount of our physical vitality.

Navasana, or Boat Pose, helps to attain this chakra. When our complete body and mind attain this chakra, we feel empowered by the energy of transformation.

#4 Anahata Chakra:

This chakra is found at the center of the chest, that’s why called as the heart chakra. This is a most powerful chakra of all and largely associated with the lungs and the elements of air. During this chakra, we can imagine our heart as a meeting point for the vast spectrum of our emotional experiences.

Pranayama, heart-centric meditation and prayer help to bring light into this chakra. Backbends, Ustrasana will also help to attain this chakra.

pranayama yoga pose

#5 Visuddha Chakra:

This chakra is associated with the element of ether and called as the energetic home of our speaking and hearing capabilities and our endocrine glands. In general, Visuddha chakra helps to expand our conversation to the divine power. Fish Pose, Camel Pose, Shoulder stand, and various other poses help to purify and heal our throat and attain this chakra.

#6 Ajna Chakra:

The ajna chakra is called as a command center and located at the mid-brain.  This chakra is recognized as a meeting point between ida and pingala nadis, the two important energetic streams in the body. It is a place where our mind and body join to each other. To attain this chakra, we should practice alternate nostril breathing exercises and mediation.

#7 Sahasrara Chakra:

This chakra is said as a gateway to the universal consciousness. To attain this chakra, we should practice Sirsasana or Headstand. This activates our crown chakra because it helps to put complete pressure on the top of our heads. Sahasrara chakra is everything that is beyond our linear intellect as well as personal needs.

headstand in 1944Have you ever experienced this divinity? do share your thoughts about Chakras with us.


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    Thank you for such an informative blog about chakras. Everyone has specific chakras to concentrate on in order to attain balance as well as maintain the flow of energy. By knowing these chakras, a person can do the necessary adjustments on diet and exercise to address the needed chakras.

  2. I love a good chakra cleansing every month with the moon… I use my specific stones and cleanse them immediately after under the moonlight!

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