Yoga Poses To Enhance Your Sacral Chakra

Chakras are believed to be the energy centers in our bodies. Sacral chakra, or Swadhisthana, is one of the most talked-about 7 chakras in our body. It deals with our emotional capacity, sexual and creative energies.

Before starting with yoga poses for sacral chakra. First of all let’s find out where the sacral chakra is located ?

The Swadhisthana chakra or sacral chakra location is below the navel. It is associated with the water element and orange color. Some characteristics that are associated with the chakra include warmth, intimacy, sexual desires, fantasies, relationships, sensuality, creativity, and pleasure.

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Read ahead to decode the symptoms of an imbalanced sacral chakra.

Symptoms of sacral chakra opening and blockage

What happens when your sacral chakra is blocked?

Well, the first signs will include you going through an emotional imbalance and a loss of control over your emotions. This will further involve you feeling lower than ever while experiencing surges of loneliness, a sense of disassociation from your surroundings, low libido, episodes of anxiety, and a lack of creativity and motivation.

Other physical symptoms that can also be kidney issues, lower backache, anemia and PMS.

However, once your sacral chakra starts opening up, you can experience confidence surging through your veins, and the exact opposite of all the negative implications that you may have encountered during the blockage period.

Unblock Your sacral Chakra With these Yoga Poses

If you’re struggling with symptoms of sacral chakra blockage, then you should definitely try practicing these yoga poses listed below. Constant movement and exercisiewill help ease the imbalance.

1.Hip circles

As per the Yogic tradition, the hips are related to the sacral chakra. Therefore, hip-opening exercises like this one help heal the sacral chakra. At the sametime by facilitating physical movement in this area, you allow energy to free flow to the chakra, and at the same time circulation also improves.

Following this simple exercise will open your underactive sacral chakra and give you back the control you had over your life prior to the blockage.

2.Reverse Warrior Pose

Reverse Warrior pose is also known as Viparita Virabhadrasana and puts in a lot of effort into unblocking the sacral chakra as it stretches your spine, sides, thighs, and abdominal muscles all at the same time. Since it is a standing backbend, it also stretches your whole chest area.

The stretch opens up any blockages caused due to the accumulation of tension, which in turn helps keep the nervous system functioning and so prevents health hazards like depression and anxiety.

3.Frog Pose

Frog yoga pose gives you a great amount of stretch to the lower back and hips. The longer you hold this pose, the stronger your muscles get, and the muscles involved are hips, inner thighs, chest, core and groin. It has a great impact on both your front and back muscles.

Once your hips are opened owing to this stretch, it impacts other muscles like the pelvis, hamstrings, and specifically your lower back. Other than this, it also improves your breathing rate and posture.

The overall effect on the mind after performing this stretch is calming and rejuvenating as formerly suppressed emotions are released from the body, thereby allowing more control over one’s emotions.

4.Seated Forward Bend

The most obvious benefit of the stretch is that it lengthens your spine. In terms of the sacral chakra healing process, it stretches the hamstrings, lower back and opens the hips. In the process, enough heat is also generated internally to massage the abdominal organs like the liver and kidneys.

It works wonders in relieving you of the tension concentrated in your lower body and fatigue, which again helps you with distressing. Additionally, it’s a good exercise for people dealing with the issue of infertility.

5.Goddess Pose

It’s one of the yoga poses for sacral chakra activation, which is basically a half squat position and opens the quad, hamstrings, and groin.

The pose helps you achieve better body balance since its main purpose is to strengthen the lower body. Moreover, it ensures improved and efficient working of reproductive organs, therefore, helps deal with infertility and also acts as an aid during pregnancy or childbirth.

While clearing out the blockage in the sacral chakra, since it’s responsible for getting rid of accumulated stress in the body, it ultimately leads to having more confidence in oneself as well.

6.Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend Cross

Also known as Prasarita Padottanasana, this yoga pose plays a great role in improving your balance and keeps you grounded. Since one’s legs are essentially wide apart, it gives a good stretch to the inner thigh area and so also improves muscle strength in the process.

Since the pose requires you to bend forward, it puts pressure on the abdominal muscles, ultimately generating a lot of heat in the area and so stimulating the organs situated here too.

The bend also facilitates the blood flow in the body and so acts as a remedy for mild depression, in turn promoting self-acceptance.

7.Low Lunges

Anjaneyasana, aka the Crescent low lunge pose, stretches the lower body, specifically the groin, inner thighs, sacrum, and hip joints, thereby granting overall flexibility not only to the lower half but also the upper half.

It’s also a balancing yoga pose so it helps improve your posture in the process as well, and also facilitates energy flow in the lower body. The stretch in the pelvic area and groyne ultimately energizes the sacral chakra.

The pose plays a significant role in helping with reproductive maladies like erectile dysfunction and infertility, while also improving one’s prostate health.

Other Technique To Unblock Sacral

While these postures offer a sound relief to people suffering from sacral chakra blockage, there are some other methods that might help you.

Aromatherapy is one of the most basic remedies that work in the case of any chakra imbalance. Therefore, to revive your sensuality, you should burn incense with aromas of chamomile, eucalyptus, rose, cardamom or patchouli.

Furthermore, since unblocking the sacral chakra is all about energy flow, staying in proximity to water is yet another effective technique A relaxing warm bath, a swim, or simply sitting by a stream can have a spiritual impact, affecting the sacral chakra.


YugaCurious brings to you this list of yoga poses to balance the sacral chakra and some other additional information that will help you get in touch with your water chakra.

The more you’re equipped with knowledge on the matter, the better you can approach your sacral chakra blockage issue.

Hopefully, these techniques will work as great remedies in the long run. You’ve to keep in mind that you need to persist and endure the hard times in order to attain that improved state of mind. Therefore, it’s essential to keep practicing these yoga poses, or just meditate for your own good.

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