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What Are the Main 5 Elements of Nature (PanchaMahabhuta)? Complete Guide

the 5 elements of nature - Panchamahabhuta


You must have heard about five elements of nature and I am sure you are having some basic understanding about it as well. When it comes to body cleansing process in Ayurveda or any other natural healing process, 5 elements of nature plays very important part. In this article, you will learn about those basic but very important concept of our body.

We do yoga to strengthen our body and we do meditation for peace of mind. But do we know about the important elements from which our body is made? In Hindu mythology, it is called “panchamahabhuta” the fiver main elements of nature.


Celestial Space, or Nature, is supposed to be the mother of all five elements on the Earth. Thus, their origin dates back to as old as the Earth itself. Or in short, we can say any life erupted on Earth only after these five elements came into co-existence with each other. Celestial Space, as we said, is the mother of all these five elements. Thus, its luminous emptiness forms the base of spiritual experience while doing Yoga and Meditation.

According to Hindu mythology, every human body essentially are made from five elements which are Earth (Bhumi), Water (Jala), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu) and Space (Aakash). Hindus believe that, upon death; all these 5 elements of human body are dissolved to respective element of nature, so that it can balance the cycle of nature.

Importance of Five Elements of Nature

The five elements are the building blocks of everything, each living being that exists on the Earth. Even our own bodies were created in various combinations yet balanced with each other. Each part of the body is correlated to this balance for the correct functioning of the body. And this correct function of the body parts is corresponding to the energy generated by these five elements, which corresponds to the CHAKRAS. But when the balance gets disturbed or when one element dominates, then it turns up giving faulty functions in the body called the DOSHA or the problem. The imbalance of Vata/Air elements creates VATA Dosha. When fire and water elements get imbalanced, then Pitta Dosha happens, which for example, indicates acidity. For instance, when earth and water elements get imbalanced, then KAPHA Dosha takes place, for instance, indicating cough, cold, etc.

5 Elements of Nature & Their Characteristics

Each of these five elements has its own functions and characteristic described below:

Earth (Bhumi)

The first element of panchamahabhuta is “Earth” which is translated at Bhumi in Sanskrit. This element is perceived by five senses those are Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch and Sight. The physical body with muscles and bones refers to Earth.

Earth is usually associated with grounding and calming factors in life as it is related to the ROOT CHAKRA or the Mooladhaar Chakra means the basic chakra of life. Mother Earth – the basis of all beings, the place where we all are rooted, hence attached to the root chakra..Any imbalance of energy through this chakra will affect the emotional well-being of the human; believe it or not, even the emotion of greed stems from an imbalance of the Mooladhaar Chakra caused by the Earth element’s dominance. And thus Yogic Meditation plays a large role in striking this balance.

Water (Jala)

The second most important element is “water”, jala in Sanskrit. This element has no odor (smell) but can be heard, felt, seen and tasted. In human body, blood and other fluid are refer to Water. As we all studied during our preliminary school, our body is contains upto 60% of water (adult body) and very essential part of our live.

The Water component is related to the second chakra, Svadhisthana or Chakral Chakra, situated between the belly button and pubic bone. Its image is a white crescent moon. The water component is mitigating and erotic and interfaces us with our sentiments and feelings. It appears in the body as blood, lymph, tears, salivation, sweat, pee, semen, and bosom milk. At the point when the Water component is out of equilibrium, we might encounter issues with imagination, and mental unbending nature. Issues with sexual capacity & bladder control and more can likewise be an indication of an imbalanced water component. Yoga poses like the Cow Pose, the Surya Namaskar and even Pranayam help in balancing the energy of the Chakral chakra.

Fire (Agni)

The next higher element in human body is “fire”, agni in Sanskrit. In human body the temperature, jatharagni are refers the fire. It can be heard, felt and seen. As our digestion system is one of the example of Fire element that helps our body to digest the food we take everyday.

The fire element is associated with the Manipura Chakra, which is related to the Yellow Color. It derives its energy from the Sun, – the main source of fire. Thus, the Manipura Chakra is also named the Solar Plexus Chakra. An over-performing Manipura Chakra will cause symptoms like acidity, ulcers, diabetes, etc in the body. While an underperforming one will cause an emotional imbalance..Yoga activities such as a simple walk in the sun to the Paschimottanasana, Dhanurasana, and others help balance the energy of this chakra on a daily basis.

Air (Pavan)

The fourth element of panchmahabhuta is “air”, pavan in Sanskrit.  Air can be felt and heard only; one cannot see the air. In human body, the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body refers to Air. It is considered as one of the most important factor in Pranayama. As we know that the human body can not live without Oxygen which is known as Prana in Sankstrit and one must do the regular Pranayama to keep their body Oxygen rich that prevent many disease.

The element of the Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra is the Air, or Vayu. As the name suggests, the Vayu element and its Chakra are associated with emotional well-being to a large extent. Its imbalance can cause various elements like mental depression, anxiety, high blood pressure (high or low) and many such issues. Thus, Yoga practises like the Anulom-Vilom Pranayama, Yogic Meditation, etc are quite helpful in balancing the air element in the body.

Sky (Aakash)

The fifth and last element of panchmahabhuta is “space” which is translated in Sanskrit at aakash. Space is the medium of sound but is inaccessible to all other senses. And as in human body the Athma (Soul) refers to Space.

The fifth chakra, the Vishuddha Chakra, is located at the Larynx that forms the base of the throat – and hence the name – Throat Chakra. The color associated with the same is blue to indicate the calmness that it must have as it is associated with communication and expression of not just our voice, but mind, body and soul. Both aggressive behavior, as well as hesitative one, are indicators of imbalanced energy of the Throat Chakra. Even hormonal issues like thyroid, stiffness of the neck etc are associated with an imbalanced Space or Ether element in the body. So how to strike the balance? Simhasana, Bhramari Pranayam, Yogic Meditation, and aloud mantra chanting all help to maintain a permanent balance of the space element. Om is the universal sound of SPACE, so chanting Om has benefited many people by restoring balance to their Vishuddha Chakra.

The combination of these 5 elements of nature makes our body and will dissolve into respective element upon death.


You have already learnt by now how each of the five elements co-exists with each other, maintaining a certain relationship, and a certain balance with each other. Based on their nature, they either stick together or stay apart, like fire and Water. These relationships form the laws of nature. Yoga helps our body maintain these laws of nature in tandem with the universal energy flowing into our body chakras in the right manner. Thus, you must adapt to Yoga in your daily life, not as an exercise for weight loss, but as a way of life to stay in tune with the five elements of nature.


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  1. The 5 elements of nature are core of human existence and you have cited them very briefly in this article. I tried to get answer of this question since long “What are the 5 elements of nature?” and just now i got the one !

    Thank you very much !

    • we know what these five elements are. Please explain their further division into twenty-five. I would love to learn that.

    • Dear Ravi,
      Thank you very much for your feedback about our article on 5 elements of nature. It really means a lot for us.
      Do you practice yoga?

  2. the cosmos is like tree and which sustains the trees is water or simply called hydrogen. the water can be called a water or simpy avtahar. the water is called hydra or indra, so all forms and avathars are indra.because it is water which sustaieens the tree.also tree can be called three or trimurthy. . they are also indras onlyso indra is god of gods and lords of lords.

  3. Very basic and primary information.as par Ayurved more details r required

    • Thank you very Mr.Satish for your input about our article on 5 elements of nature. I am completely agree with you that the article is containing primary information. I will really appreciate if you can share some detailed information in this regards.

      Thank you,

  4. But practically no sound travels in outer space. So how can Akasha be medium of sound??? (even though the other four elements are fine)
    Please reply……..

    • Umang , sound does exist in the form of electromagnetic vibrations that pulsate in similar wavelengths.

      What NASA did was design special instruments that could record these electromagnetic vibrations, and transferred them into sounds that our ears could hear. What you’re about hear is actual sound in space, nothing has been added. It’s a beautiful, yet haunting sound that even Hans Zimmer would approve of.

    • But is is according to mythology
      So anything may/can be possible in myths
      It is already written there at the beginning..
      If you think its correct ,then please reply..

  5. Hi, is it possible for you to explain how can we improve our health knowing these five elements and how can we apply this in our daily lives? Thank you

    • Nader, its very simple, as u know about the basic five elements of our body . So. U have to maintain these elemental level at an equilibrium with respect to nature. For e.g. While doing yoga u can maintain the air pressure with in your body , sound is something eternal which gives a joy and makes your mind at the level where u feel pleasure, then comes water which is important to take and maintains various metabolic activities in the body , then comes fire which gives heat and light and is a all about “endothermic and exothermic” so take sun bath while yoga.

  6. The panchtattvas form the whole universe, infact everything you see around is made up of there five elements. They play a very important role in our mental, physical and spiritual well being. We can connect to the tattvas and balance them by practices of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan.

    • Thank you very much Sanjana for sharing your valuable knowledge about PanchMahabhuta. We are pleased to learn your view on balancing these 5 elements of nature. Would you mind sharing more information about Tattva Shakti Vigyaa?

  7. Hi, is it possible for you to explain how can we improve our health knowing these five elements and how can we apply this in our daily lives? Thank you

  8. Out of five elements of our body,four are easily understandable but one called space/Akash isn’t very clear to anybody.I think out of millions,one may have some knowledge of it.Truely speaking no body has knowledge of this fifth element called space/Akash except the True Master.True Masters are not many in the world but rarely one or two at a time in the whole world.Pay attention what I said,space is known to man who go within his own body and crosses at least three mentions.Thank you.Nand Arora Ludhina

    • Thank you very much for sharing your experience about elements of nature. Do you know any master who knows about this 5th element of nature? Would love to learn from your experience.

  9. I do agree with Mr. Nand Arora. Perfect masters are very few. One of them is head of Radha Soami Satsang Beas, near Amritsar (India)

  10. Nice article for anyone new to know these 5 elements! Before The Lord (The Ultimate Pure Loving Light) created the Earth, the Universe was created and assigned to the Guardian Sri Aakasha to ensure cosmis clock of the all the planets are according to the Record (Destiny) set by the The Lord. After that the Earth was created along with four other elements. Thus, Sri Aakasha synchronize the planetary and earth move to everyone’s wonder. Therefore, Sri Aakasha plays the astrological effects on the earth in macrocosmic and microrocosmic level. I hope those who are not clear of of Aakasha element will understand it now. Your humbly! Om Sri Adi Parashakti Namaha.


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