13 Unique Facts About Yoga You May Not Know till Now

Yoga has started getting very good attention in the last couple of years by considering its long term health benefits. Still, there are few unique facts about yoga you may not know till now. In this article, we will be sharing those mind-blowing facts with you but before that, let me start with sharing brief about yoga.

What is Yoga?


Yoga is a systematic way of doing exercise. It strengthens us both physically and mentally. In recent times lots of people are taking an interest in yoga. Yoga is best for every age of people. It doesn’t matter how old you are. You can start yoga even at 60 years. every pose of yoga has its own reason & importance. Yoga is the best combination of physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation. 

Make no mistake about it. yoga is still as hot as ever. Its reputation for keeping a person’s body limber, strong, and youthful is unparalleled. As popular as this workout genre is, it’s still a genre that is filled with myths and misconceptions. Don’t believe it? You might not know these ten facts about yoga. We have published a dedicated article to explain what is yoga and its benefits.

You are now families with yoga and its benefits. Let me share 13 facts about yoga you may not know about.

Amazing Facts of Yoga:

There are many interesting facts about yoga but we tried to cover the most amazing 13 facts here. Let’s start with the first one:

#1: Yoga is a Lifestyle and Sports- 


What we mean is that there are multiple forms of yoga. Hot yoga, for example, takes place in a heated room and uses the heat to help people stretch. Hatha yoga, on the other hand, is a beginner’s class with gentle poses. Ashtanga yoga, on the other hand, is geared towards people who want a demanding, high-intensity workout. There’s a yoga for everyone.

It’s also worth noting that yoga is often viewed in two different ways. Some just view the asanas portion of yoga’s practice as a workout or sport. Others look at the entire practice of yoga as a lifestyle change. As a result, it’s common to call yoga both a sport and a lifestyle, depending on your viewpoints.

#2: Yoga is the best practice for sports person

Yoga Ball

You might have heard of the term tennis player’s elbow, or have heard of joint problems in marathon runners. Believe it or not, joint damage and strain are scarily common among sports players from almost all walks of life. Studies have shown that regular yoga practice actually can alleviate joint problems associated with arthritis, and also can prevent injuries.

Yoga has great benefits for the sportsperson and there are different sequences to improve flexibility and endurance. Here you must consult a yoga teacher who may help you with the specific yoga poses to help in your sports career.

#3: Studies have also shown that Yoga can boost your sex life, too.


Yoga improves cardiovascular circulation and body awareness, and several studies have shown it can even help improve bedroom issues like premature ejaculation. Many people who have gone to nude yoga classes also reported better confidence in their bodies, which in turn made it easier for them to enjoy themselves with their partners. Overall, it’s safe to say that yoga has definitely helped at least a couple of people get their groove back.

#4: Yoga is More than a Religion


Though yoga has definitely become more popular as years passed, this is still a common misconception that circulates in certain circles. Yoga is not a religion, but it does have a lot of influences from Hinduism. Most would call yoga either a sport, a lifestyle or a spiritual practice, but not a religion.

#5: There is a moral and ethical side to Yoga as well.


Most people are aware of the relaxation aspect of yoga, but they don’t realize that yoga is supposed to be a fully holistic practice. One of the limbs of yoga strongly encourages living life as ethically as possible.

Part of the reason why many practicing yogis are vegetarian or vegan is due to the ethical restrictions that they must live by. Meat is viewed as devoid of life, which is already a negative mark for yoga. However, it’s also viewed as unethical because you do have to hurt an animal in order to get the meat. As a result of both strikes, many yogis advise forgoing meat-eating as a whole.

#6: Speaking of which, Yoga has Limbs.


The limbs of yoga, also known as the 8 Limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, refers to lifestyle guidelines that are associated with the full practice of yoga. These limbs include ethical behaviors, observance, posture, and abstinence to name a few. In order to fully practice yoga, yogis have to go beyond just stretching asanas and live the full lifestyle, all the way down to its code of conduct.

#7: This is the only workout in recent years to spawn an entire genre of fashion associated with Yoga.

Simply put, it’s been a very long time since the invention of basketball shorts and tennis skirts. Yoga is the first sport in recent years to actually launch a major fashion trend in years. Nowadays, yoga practitioners aren’t the only ones sporting yoga pants. In fact, the flattering look of yoga pants has become almost synonymous with the sport itself despite the fact that nude yoga classes exist.

#8: Yoga has become a billion-dollar industry.

yoga festival

In the US alone, yoga has around 16 million participants. These participants have spent a total of $5.7 billion on yoga gear in 2008 alone. Worldwide, the numbers are even larger, making it one of the biggest industries out there. Explore more details about the economics of yoga here.

#9: There’s even a form of Yoga that is meant for dogs.

It’s true! Doga is the practice of doing yoga along with your favorite furry friend. In this yoga practice, which originated in NYC in 2002, dogs are used more like props than actual participants. The idea behind doga is to help owners bond with their dogs while getting fit. Considering that it has a loyal following, it’s safe to say that at least a couple of people think it works.

On an added note, doga is only one of over 100 different yoga schools throughout the world. Each school has a slightly (or very) different practice and ideology behind it.

#10: The First Western Practitioner of Yoga was a famous author who you’ve probably read in school.

Did you ever notice how yoga-like Henry David Thoreau’s writing seemed to be? Well, it should be, since he was one of the first people to take up yoga in the US. However, it would take decades until one of the more prolific yoga practitioners would begin spreading the word about this lifestyle.

#11 The popularity of Laughter Yoga


It is said that more than 60 countries have adopted laughter yoga. They believed that laughter yoga helps them to provide enough oxygen to their body and make their brain healthy. laughter yoga benefits to relieve not only physical and mental stress but also emotional stress.

#12 Yoga Keeps you Younger 


Yes, it’s strange but true that yoga keeps your body young for a long time. Doing yoga regularly helps to stimulate the detoxification of your body. It keeps you healthy and strong for a long period.

#13 Yoga Keeps you strong against Pain

Now we all aware that yoga is best for mental and physical strength. Apart from this yoga increase our inner strength and make us strong against any kind of pain. ultimately yoga encourage pain tolerance and help us to come out from the pain at early bases

In recent years, the practice of yoga has become one of the most popular sports in modern-day history. Amazingly, it’s still growing in popularity, which means that we’re likely to see it become as commonplace as soccer and basketball sooner rather than later. In fact, with the new World Yoga Day having been established, it’s safe to say that more people than ever before are discovering yoga’s benefits and rich history.

Author Bio: A yoga and fitness aficionado, Regina empowers women through her writing and fitness tips. Catch more of her work on The Upside blog.

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