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Work from home yoga – Tips that Will Help You to Stay Healthy

Remote work culture is emerging with high spirit and increasing number. It is a digital culture where the company enables employees to connect their work, experiences, and ideas remotely without coming to the organization. A study reveals that there are 16% of organizations around the world work fully remote. It involves 8- 10 hours of full-time work staying at home. It demands to be available for virtual team meets, chats, presentations and other activities with no time to breathe. It becomes stressful. You can avoid stress by performing yoga. Work from home yoga is a culture developed by many companies allowing their employees to perform daily. Here is an article about how yoga for work from home can benefit you and the poses you can do.

Tips For Remote Workers 

You can only perform well in your company when your mind is focused. Your body, mind and soul need that relaxation from your busy schedule. It is best to take time off for yourself. Follow a few tips to help you rejuvenate back to your work. 

1. Keep calm and do meditation

Keep calm and do meditation

This one is very important point to charge your mind with fresh ideas. Whenever you feel stressed and lack of news ideas to start with; close your eyes and take deep breath. Checkout different breathing exercise (Pranayama) to relax your mind.

2. Start working even-if you are not feeling comfortable

Sometime it happens that, we ignore taking an assignment just because we are not feeling fresh. This can be your worst mistakes as avoid working on assignment will result in more stress at the end. For example, if you would like to write anything, you should sit down in front of your text editor. For instance, if you are going to clean house or read any stuff online or watch any video then you can put off the moment and start writing whatever you want to.

3. Think like you are helping someone

Think like you are helping someone

There is nothing wrong, when you are helping yourself by building a new career or business. It will be a worthy endeavor to help yourself by starting a new venture. But, if you are working or showing up, then create a thought that you are helping someone. No doubt when you are doing hard-work, you have some fear about the related job, but if you are looking at the fear, you are only looking at the downside and you totally ignore upside. So, it’s good if you think like you are helping someone at work. This will also help you to develop a positive attitude towards your colleague.

4. Carve out some time

Making time for yourself is very essential and you are the only person that can do this. Be strict about your routine and put that time on your calendar. Don’t make any lame excuse that you are too busy and unable to carve out time. You can carve out your time by stop watching TV, browsing on the internet, looking on social media websites or anything else. Make that time scared and don’t let anyone or anything to interfere. You will have to be ruthless to make this happen.

5. Start with the smallest possible step

Start with the smallest possible step

This small step may result to great success. For instance, taking small step doesn’t mean like you have to write the first section of the report, you just need to open your document or write any single word. If you can take that first tiny step, then the next step will become easier automatically. So, get over from the initial hurdle and make it as low as possible. You will become a person that can clear every hurdle very easily because you have an unstoppable force of nature.

Sometimes the feeling of fear is good. Most of the people believe that, fear has only negative effect and yes, we can’t deny this fact but it doesn’t mean that it only causes negative effects. Sometimes it’s good also so let yourself feel the fear. Fear is only our mind’s creation and it is important to admit that you are afraid. You should be open to the feeling of fear and experience it. You should also see where it is coming from and what scenarios are liable to create this fear and now it’s time to question yourself that, are these scenarios real and if yes then how to handle these scenarios. You could survive and handle these scenarios for sure.

6. Never hesitate to shout for help

No one in the world who is perfect and knows everything. If you are facing any trouble to motivate yourself then you should take help from others. Social motivation is considered as a most powerful motivation. So go ahead and ask for some accountability from others. You are special so give importance to yourself if you fail. So, get up and search for the other best way to motivate yourself.

7.Ready to accept failure

Ready to accept failure

I found many people avoid taking new challenges because they afraid of failure. If you face the failure that doesn’t mean you are failure! As each failure teaches so many important lessons that can be helpful to achieve success in the future. So, never hesitate to start working on new challenges, that will not only boost your confidence but also will help you to motivate yourself.

You have the power to make yourself work even if you are afraid or work under any fear. You can ruthlessly make time for yourself, take a small step, feel the fear and try to overcome it, find inspiration in the people you are going to help. Believe in yourself, you can do everything whatever you wish to do.

Yoga Pose for Work from Home 

1. Pranamasana

Prayer pose or Pranamasan is good for relaxation and concentration. It is the first pose out of 12 for Suryanamasaka. In Pranamasana, the palms clutch together like ‘Namaskara’ at the chest level and you stand straight with your feet together. You breathe normally to help you get complete relaxation. You can do it for as long as you want. 

2. Naukasana

Naukasana or boat pose strengthens the stomach core and back muscles. In boat pose, you lie down with feet together and arms by the sides. You lift your chest off the ground trying to reach your hand towards the feet. Deep inhale and hold breath till your buttocks take the weight of your body. On exhaling, the body can come to the starting position. You can perform this 3-4 times every day. 

3. Santholanasan

This asana is good for shoulders and hamstrings. In Santholanasan you lie on your abdomen. Keep palms under shoulders and lift upper body along with pelvis and knees. Keep the focus on the ground with toes and knees straight. At this point, the spine, pelvis and knees are in a straight line. Wrists are placed under the shoulders while arms are aligned. Hold the posture for as long as you can with deep breaths. 

4. Brahmari Pranayama

Brahmari Pranayama known as Bee Breathe is good for better sleep. To begin, sit straight and close your eyes. Bring thumbs near to ears to close them with other fingers resting on the crown and spread over it. Breathing will be slow, and you can hear the ‘hmm’ sound with every exhale. Practice at least 10 times to reap the benefits.

5. Standing Forward Fold

Standing Forward Fold called Uttanasana is perfect to lengthen hamstrings. It activates the inner legs. To do this asana, you will have to stand with your feet together. Move from the hips fold to the torso, and bend the knees to fold forward. Place hands adjacent to the feet. Inhale to lengthen the spine and exhale to extend the torso. Maintain the pose as long as you can. Do not overexert. 


1. Do remote workers need Yoga?

Yes, remote workers need Yoga to keep up with their stress levels.  Yoga for work from home allows the worker to feel relaxed and motivated and benefits with mind, body and soul. With Yoga, you can improve the productivity of the worker. It aids in leading a better lifestyle.  

2. What are the benefits of Yoga for remote workers?

With Yoga remote workers-

  • Promotes mental wellbeing
  • Lessens back and neck pain
  • Increases energy
  • Clearer thinking process
  • Aids in detoxifying the body 
  • Increases motivation and helps you to be in a great mood. 
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