5 Reasons to Choose Yoga over the Gym

Selecting Yoga over the Gym and, vice versa has continued to invoke several debates since the 17th century — when one of the very first gymnasiums was established as the primary source of body workout. Since then, the globe has gotten divided into different segments of people exploring different styles of workout options. Some swear by the natural science of Yoga, while others by the Gym. Yoga, a science that is nearly 5000 years old has remained persistent among millions of people as the most preferred forms of workouts. Of course, the choice of go with Yoga or Gym is always debatable – the selection of which greatly varies from person to person. As a regular gym-junkie throughout my early 20s and, later a yogi, I have personally journeyed through the same internal debate for quite some time.


As someone who was used to velocity, abrading his knees on a treadmill, lifting pounds twice his body weight, ‘Yoga’ seemed like a workout option from another planet altogether. I was always curious about it, the art intrigued me. But, I never really got around to exploring it as a preferred workout choice. My journey of Yoga commenced when I met with a terrible bike accident and, was bed-ridden for weeks with substantial injury in my legs that pretty much left me incapable of indulging in anything explosive. The experience took away my body strength, my agility and, I was left ill-equipped for any kind of gym facility. I started practicing basic yoga workouts at home to heal, so, I can go back to the gym and, feel like myself again. What started out as a temporary healing therapy actually took me on the route to physical, mental and spiritual upheaval! I began to feel like myself again, only more at peace and inspired. My scars began to heal much faster than I had expected them to. Yoga did not just help me heal my scars, but also helped me cope with the mental trauma I went through the entire fiasco. I was hooked onto the art. At this stage, I decided to dig deeper into the science which led me to enroll into a Yoga Training Certification program. I studied and practiced yoga in much deeper detail and, experienced the beauty, the sheer delight of the science on my own. And, since then I have not looked back.

Here are 5 reasons why Yoga so much more awesome than the huffing and panting at a gym:

Yoga provides Holistic Benefits on all three levels – Mental, Physical and Spiritual

A human body evolves on three levels – Mental, Physical and Spiritual. Each level has its own unique role to play in complete evolution of a human being. A number of times, we undermine the vitality of mental and spiritual growth. With the contemporary lifestyle, where everything majorly revolves around finding quick-fixes or prettying up the external layers, we often fail to acknowledge the relevance of internal beautification of the soul and strengthening of the mind. Yoga provides this internal upheaval and, unlocks the door to spiritual enhancement that gym workout does not. A gym workout can work up the body and heat up the mind, but yoga regime lets you unfold the inner layers of your mind, body and soul and, leads you towards eternal salvation. Yoga helps you achieve complete revitalization of the mind, body and soul. Yoga is the en route to reconnecting the body with the mind and the soul.

Yoga poses Much Less Threat of Injury

Yoga is a natural healing science and, is widely included as a medically proven therapy for treating people with certain ailments and disorders. Practicing Yoga poses zero to minimal threat of injury as compared to Gym workouts that are much riskier and require constant supervision. A gym workout that is much reliant on external objects and machines comes with a set of dangers and injury provoking situations. On the other hand, Yoga asanas require supervision and support only during the learning stage. Once the learning is attained, a yogi can indulge in self-practice without seeking the help or support of another person.

Yoga is Time and Cost Effective Both

Yoga for all! Yoga anytime! Yoga anywhere! A simple yoga mat or bare naked floor is all it takes to indulge in a deeply intensive yoga practice. And, this comes without adding the fee of a gym membership or, inviting the additional headache of purchasing gym equipment for working the body. Going to a gym is a hassle in itself. Not to mention, the heavy expenses incurred when purchasing a hefty gym membership. With yoga practice, you can avoid the traffic, save time and money. Yoga lets you cut off these costly expenditures by helping you attain the desired goal through the ancient art of fitness that has been nurturing the body and soul of several luminaries since thousands of years.

Where, on one hand, gym workout requires a specific time for its practice, yoga practice is devoid of these boundaries. You can find specific set of asanas that are exclusive to various time frames and body zones of practicing individuals.

Yoga Does Not Provoke Negating Feelings of Competency

Yoga – a science that comes from peace and solitude is far beyond the parameters of superficial objectivity. Yoga is all about self-observation and self-practices. While working in power-packed ambiance of a gym – lifting weight, pushing strength training and cardio provokes feelings of competency among individuals. Yoga, on the other, instills patience and perseverance in the practicing individual, rather than provoking negating thoughts of competency a gym workout does. The art helps a person glance into the mirror of their soul. It invites feelings of self-appraisal in a human being and makes them feel calm, confident and content with the respective existence.


Yoga Is More Poised and Elegant

Yoga does something more than providing miraculous flexibility to an individual – things that a gym workout is incapable of. It invokes poise and elegance in a person that comes from self-awareness. With each yoga practice, the yogi cleanses and detoxifies their mind, body and soul towards internal and external purification of the self. They become more aware of their body, which eventually helps in developing poise and elegance. Each asana that is governed with each breath inhaled and exhaled is a gentle expression of the mind and the soul making a well-defined connection with the body. Yoga is undeniably the most elegant art from.

To conclude, Yoga and Gym workout are both quite diverse forms with respective set of advantages to the body. However, Yoga tops the list because of its beauty, poise and intensity it carries that empowers a human being towards complete evolution and contentment of the mind, body, soul.

For me, ‘Yoga’ is my calling that led me to a happier and a more fulfilled life!

Author Bio: Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas. For more information about him visit his website.

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