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Holiday Gift Ideas for Yoga Practitioner

Holiday season has already started and it is always difficult for one to choose the best holiday gift for their loved one. As YogaCurious is one of the most popular yoga website, we tried our best to share our holiday gift ideas that includes few best yoga products you can buy this holiday season.

As you know that Yoga is an ancient medicinal therapy, well renowned as a superb antidote to stress. Many researchers have realized that the regular practice of Yoga may produce several health benefits. It increases your fitness level and normalize your blood pressure. Regular yoga practitioners report lower levels of stress and enjoy the feeling of happiness and well being. But all the health benefits of yoga can only be enjoyed, when you use accurate yoga products for the particular yoga pose. With the appropriate yoga product, performing yoga will become more comfortable and relaxing. The use of yoga products is in trend due to their greater comfort.

Checkout these yoga products you can buy for you or can gift your loved one to make their health even better by encouraging them to practice yoga on regular bases.

List of Yoga Products:

Teeki Clouds Yoga Pant


Teeki clouds yoga pant is one of the most popular and demanding yoga pant since last six months at YogaCurious. This Eco-friendly yoga pant is available in various attractive colors and sizes. This unique yoga pant is designed with 100% recycled plastic water bottle. Before starting your yoga exercises, you must consider to get an appropriate yoga pant because it provides great comfort, flexibility, smooth touch and an attractive look. Teeki pant is available in four different sizes, i.e. X-Small, Small, Medium and Large size. By wearing this teeki pant, you will not only feel great comfort, but also get attractive look. This 4-way stretch teeki yoga pants are moisture-winking as well as chafe resistant. We have already published a reviews of different Teeki yoga pants and featured different Teeki yoga products at our website. It will help you to choose the best Teeki products on this holiday season. If you are planning to buy from Teeki website, don’t forget to check our Teeki coupons; you can save huge when you buy from them.


YogaAccessories 1/4″ Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

YogaAccessories is known for their variety of yoga mats and this Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat is one of the thickest mats on the market, measuring 74″ long, 1/4″ thick, and almost 4 lbs weighs. These yoga mats are available in a variety of colors that are strong and attractive. This amazingly designed exercise mat will definitely add high comfort to your yoga workouts and due to its high quality, it will work last long in comparison to other standard foam mats. While shopping your yoga mat, you should consider the thickness and length of mats. The mats, which are shorter and less weighted, signify their substandard quality. Remember, a thicker non-slippery mat is always good for all types of Yoga poses and gives non-slippy surface to practice difficult yoga poses. If your friend is regular yoga practitioner, you should gift this yoga mat on this holiday season. Checkout our Yoga Accessories coupon page to find latest deals and offers on different yoga accessories products.

Gaiam Sol Premium-Grip Yoga Mat

Gaiam yoga mats
are very well designed and one of the best choice for avid yoga lovers. While performing yoga, you are not only sit and stretch on a flat and plain surface, you also need something that is soft and comfortable as you squat down. If you are using an usual kind of yoga mat, you may not properly set your body; so while performing yoga, you should prefer Gaiam Sol Premium-Grip Yoga Mat. This is one of the best yoga mats that you have ever heard in the market. This mat is designed with the natural, thick and pure rubber. It is a most thickest mat, around 8 mm available in markets. It will protect your joints and make you more comfortable during your yoga practice. Gaiam is very known brand and the product like this will definitely give a smile to your friend when they will receive this gift from you. You can also get additional discount when you buy with this Gaiam coupon from their official website.

Foam Yoga Block in 4 inch size by Hugger Mugger

If you are looking for yoga accessories to give your friend who just started learning yoga and finding difficulties in practicing difficult yoga poses; this can be best gift for them. Hugger Mugger foam yoga block is very light weighted so you can easily carry with you while travelling anywhere. This Foam Yoga Block is made up of a soft and comfortable material. It is quite durable and stable as well. The Hugger Mugger 4-inch foam yoga block helps you to perform various poses in Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anasura and so on. This can help you to hold your hand in standing yoga poses. While practicing peacock yoga pose, it will be helpful to space your hands. In the Bridge pose, it will support your hips. This block is available in various colors like purple, blue, green and so on.

YogaAccessories (TM) Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion

If you are looking for perfect gift for your friend who love meditation and pranayama, this is best product for you. YogaAccessories Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion is available in a variety of colors, having round or crescent-shape with pleated sides. This is a traditional meditation cushion and each zafu of this cushion has a well-built handle sewn tightly on one side. The term zafu is introduced in Japan, got popularity in China and now they are stuffed with 100% natural cotton or buckwheat hulls. Zafu is made up with all natural fibers and the outer covering is made up luxurious silk. Each zafu can be measured as 15” in diameter and 6” in height. This cushion will give great support when a person meditating in padmasana or any other seating position.
These are the popular yoga products you can buy this holiday season which gives greater comfort while performing various yoga poses.

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Manduka Prolite Travel Yoga Mat

Manduka is one of the most popular brand selling large category of yoga products. The PROlite yoga mat is one of their top selling product that can be a perfect alternative for the people who are looking for a lighter and zero waste yoga mat having superior quality and comfort. Manduka PROlite yoga mat is specially designed for the frequent travelers who can easily carry this mat anywhere with them. This mat is very popular because it gives you an outstanding experience while performing yoga and easily adaptable on all types of surfaces. This yoga mat is made up of slip-resistant fabric and the patented dot pattern is responsible to resist sliding. It always gives non-slippery experience, whether you are performing yoga on carpet, cement or hardwood floor. If you looking for best yoga products to gift your friend who is frequent traveler, this yoga mat can be your best choice for sure. We have also published latest Manduka coupons and deals to avail you additional discount.

Over to you:

Did we miss any product in this list or do you have some unique yoga product gift in mind? Share them with us by comment. We may list those product in this article!

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  1. Having the right set of yoga equipment can actually boost one’s determination in doing yoga regularly! I’m sure any yoga practitioner would be ecstatic to receive any of these gifts.

  2. Well I found a wonderful and unique gift ideas from this blog. I am a owner of yoga academy and i really appreciate your ideas because it helps to motivate practitioner towards yoga and make them happy.


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