Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2013 Review and Photographs

Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2013 This year’s Copenhagen yoga festival was held in Tiøren, Amager Beach on 24th and 25th August 2013. We received a detailed review of this yoga festival by one of the attendees who provided this information and photographs on our official email id.

Here is the review of Copenhagen yoga festival 2013 in her own words:

As for the happening, I can only say this edition of Copenhagen Yoga festival brought together mostly Danes and some internationals who had the curiosity to peep into the practice of Yoga. There were over 30 stalls for Yoga instructors and yoga studios owners who wanted to present their offer to more than 1,500 participants in the festival.

I believe there would have been more participants if the weather in Copenhagen would have been similar to India in the cool season.

The festival included workshops on different styles of Yoga (Astanga, Iyengar, Bikram to Acroyoga, Dynamic Yoga, Hatha yoga), lectures given by experts in the field (Meditation with Mette Myrna, Yoga and pregnancy with Bodil Olesen, Vegetarian Lifestyle with John Voxfort, Alchemy of the Breath with Peter Clifford) and a enriching market place for mind, body and soul.

Till our next edition: Namaste!

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Here are some photographs from the event:

Child in Tree Yoga Pose

Fund in Practicing Yoga

yoga practiceHave you been in this event? share your experience with other readers who may be interested to be part of Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2014.

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