Glimpse of Mental Health Awareness Seminar Organized by IAPP

IAPP Seminar AhmedabadIAPP (Indian Association of Private Psychiatry) has organized Mental Health Awareness Seminar on 22nd November at Bhaikaka Hall, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India. This wonderful initiative was taken by IAPP – Gujarat to educate general public about mental health. Here is the list of esteem speakers who shared his experience about different topic related to mental health and awareness.

  • Dr. Anil Shah – “Psychiatry – Then, Now and Tomorrow”
  • Dr. Rajesh Nagpal – “How to defeat Depression?”
  • Dr. Avdesh Sharma – “Stress and its Remedies”
  • Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav – “The misconception about superstition and Evil Spirit”
  • Dr. Nikhil Patel – “Holistic and Mental Health”
  • Dr. Hansal Bhachech – “The Misconception about Psychiatric Disorder and Its Treatment”

The seminar started with welcome speech by Dr.Himanshu Desai and Introduction speech by Dr.Hitendra Gandhi, who was the organizing chairman of the event. He addressed the audience about Mental Health Awareness Seminar and its motive. He explained different topics being discussed by experts and their application in our life. Then he invited Dr. Anil Shah on the desk to address the audience and share his experience with them.

Dr. Anil Shah

Dr Anil Shah(Ret. Prof and Head – Psychiatry Department, Civil Hopital, Ahmedabad)

Topic: Psychiatry – Then, Now and Tomorrow (મનોચિકિત્સા ગઈકાલ, આજ અને  આવતીકાલ)

Dr.Anil shah is one of the senior most Psychiatrists in India who graduated in 1957. He shared his long journey as a Psychiatrist and gave insight about development in Psychiatrist practice in India.

There were only 22 Psychiatrists in India when I started my practice in 1962 from KEM Hospital, Mumbai and now the number reaches above 5000. This is still very low as compare to population and we need more Psychiatrists in India to serve better – said Dr. Anil Shah.

Here is the brief about his speech:

  • Explained Chemical revolution in Psychiatry and its contribution towards the development in treatment of Psychiatric Disorder patient.
  • Talked about psychopharmacology development
  • How Psychoanalysis helps in research and development of treat the patient
  • Genetic interpretation psychotherapy will be upcoming area of research and development
  • He also talked about Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • I recommend that the facilities being provided to Psychiatric Disorder patient in India needs lots of improvement.

Dr. Rajesh Nagpal

Dr Rajesh Nagpal(National President (IAPP) Psychiatry – Delhi)

Topic: How to defeat Depression? (डिप्रेशन को परास्त कैसे करे)

Dr. Rajesh Nagpal is a Psychiatrist  from Delhi having over 20 years of clinical experience and national president of Indian Association of Private Psychiatry.

Dr. Nagpal started his speech with “Jay Shri Krishna” and the whole crowd welcomed him with clappings. He shared his experience about treating patient who are suffering from Depression. He also talked about:

  • The symptoms of Depression
  • Why It happens
  • The relation of depression with other disease
  • Different types of treatments
  • How exercise can help to treat depression

And many important points related to Depression and its treatment.

Depression is very common disease today and can be treated with proper guidance and treatment recommended by experience Psychiatrist. – Said Dr.Rajesh Nagpal

He suggest that, if depression exceeded for more than 2 weeks and person finds that it is affecting his/her routine life; it is better to consult Psychiatrist.

Dr. Avdesh Sharma

Psychiatrist – Delhi – Founder of “Man ki Baat

Topic: Stress and its Remedies (मानसिक तनाव और उसके उपाय)

Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav

Dr Mrugesh VaishnavPsychiatrist, Sexologist, Speaker, Author & Founder of Samvedna Psychiatric & Sex therapy Hospital – Ahmedabad

Topic: The misconception about superstition and Evil Spirit (વળગાડ, વહેમ અને અંધશ્રદ્ધા નું વિષચક્ર)

Dr. Mrugesh is well-known Psychiatrist in Ahmedabad and popular writer who regularly writes for local news paper and has published various books.

He started his speech in his own unique style with shayrish and quotes. I really liked the way he presented his views on very sensitive topic like Superstition, Evil Spirit and how people are getting fooled by so called babas and gurus. Here is the quote I took from his speech:

જેને પોતાની જાત માં શ્રધ્ધા નથી એ સૌથી મોટો નાસ્તિક છે

It was great experience hearing him on one of the most important topic that really needs great attention and awareness in society.

Find Dr.Mrugesh Vaishnav Speech on YouTube

Dr. Nikhil Patel

Dr Nikhil PatelHead of Psychiatrist department, Mt Abu

Dr. Patel is having vast experience in Holistic and Mental health and shared some important points about types of health that is important for leaving better life. He is associated with Brahma Kumaris since long and has arranged various seminars to spread awareness about holistic and mental health across world.


According to him, there are 4 types of healths:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Holistic health and
  • Social health

He briefly explained the importance of each health in living better life.

After Dr.Nikhil’s speech when Dr. Anil announced the name of last speaker, the whole crowd was clapping. The most awaited speaker Dr. Hansal Bhachech was on the desk to share his experience and knowledge.

Dr. Hansal Bhachech

Checkout his speech on The Misconception about Psychiatric Disorder and Its Treatment

Take away from this Seminar

It was great experience hearing such an experienced Psychiatrist from all over India. I came home with some very important learning lessons that will stay with me throughout my life. It was one of the best seminars I have ever attended.

Special thanks to IAPP for arranging this Seminar for Amdavadis and looking forward to see more seminar like this in the future.

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