Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana) Yoga Pose

uttanasana yoga pose

Uttanasana involves complete stretch of your body that require good effort. This asana is also known as intense forward-bending pose, Standing Forward Bend, Standing Head to Knees Pose and so on. This pose is incredibly works for rejuvenating your blood cells because in this pose your head is just below to your heart that allows heavy flow of blood to your head. It will also helpful in reinforcing your spine and provide relief from the neck and back tension.

Procedure of this pose

  • Stand straight, make your legs apart and bend frontward.
  • Keep your back flat and set your hand on the floor.

One thought on “Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana) Yoga Pose

  1. Narendra Kumar Singhvi


    Uttansana is best pose for lower back and abdomen.There is good stretch in both legs, while torso, neck,and both hands and
    shoulders are in relaxed.
    Narendra Kumar Singhvi

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