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About Himalayan Institute

The Himalayan Institute offering difference courses in Yoga, Meditation and in Wellness. Their courses are designed to encourage creative, meaningful and lasting sustainability with the help of these great gift of nature. Creating sustainability is one of the major motto of the Himalayan Institute that can be achieved with the understanding of natural world in both of the material and spiritual way.

This understanding of live will help us to live in the world of harmony and bring spirituality into action. Seva Circles is one of the most interesting thing of Himalayan Institute which is created by connecting many yoga teachers, groups of yogis, and social activists. This Seva Circles are the groups of people who want to conjoin with them in order to support the cause by leading grassroots fundraising efforts.

Looking for more information about different program, courses and event organized by Himalayan Institute? do visit their website or rush to their location provided in map.

Contact Information

Himalayan Institute
952 Bethany Turnpike
Honesdale, PA 18431
(800) 822-4547
(570) 253-5551
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