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Rasa Retreat – A Yoga Retreat Center in Goa, India

rasa retreat in Goa

About Rasa Retreat

Rasa Retreat is an exclusive home stay in South, Goa, offering all-inclusive Yoga holidays for Yoga enthusiasts.  The retreats are typically for 7-Days to allow guests to completely unwind and nourish the soul; however, a shorter duration 4-Day retreat is also available.  What distinguishes the Rasa experience are the personalized care, tailor made stays for each individual guest based on preferences, unique Yoga sessions such as on the beach, on a hill outside a Hindu temple, or by the pool overlooking paddy fields, a hassle-free holiday, special excursions, and more.  The meals are home cooked and made fresh to the liking of our guests’ pallet.  Our goal is to ensure each guest is pampered and that no unreasonable request doesn’t go unfulfilled.

Our Retreats:

As we strive to customize many elements of our retreats from Yoga styles and fitness level, cuisine preferences, options for excursions, and more, we engage with our guests in advance of their arrival and share a more structured retreat to cater to their primary mission for the holiday.  We try to be flexible to accommodate our guests and their individual requests.  Each retreat experience is unique and memorable for respective guests.  Yoga and in-house massage timings, types of excursions, and time to oneself are made to compliment each individual guest.  Our guests appreciate the efforts made to curate a once-in-a-lifetime retreat, which is made possible thanks to a team of professionals eager to please.  Attached is a sample of one of our week-long retreats.

Retreats Benefits:

  • Guests leave feeling rejuvenated and pampered.
  • Greater appreciation of oneself and those around.
  • New experiences and friendships.
  • Strengthening one’s knowledge of Yoga and meditation (as well as Ayurveda.)

Guest Experiences/TripAdvisor Reviews:

The following is a link to our reviews from TripAdvisor for last season:


It is a little unclear if we should offer a coupon with a fixed rate reduction.  Kindly advise.  Also, please do let us know if you have any other ideas.

  • Single Occupancy, Private Room (7-Day Retreat) – US$900 + Taxes per Person
  • Sharing/Double Occupancy (7-Day Retreat) – US$1,250 + Taxes i.e. US$625 per Person.
  • Special Offer (YogaCurious.com Guests):  US$150 OFF any retreat.

Passing Thought:

Perhaps we can offer each guest a $50 or more coupon for YogaCurious.com (which we can purchase directly from y’all as a gift for each guest.)


Each week is different and based on guest preferences.  Our season ends in March each year, so we don’t have a schedule created at present till we open mid-November.

Our Daily Activities:

Contact Information:


1st Fatrade Road,

Opposite St. Roque Chapel,

Varca Village,

Varca, Goa

Website: Rasa Retreat        Contact Rasa Retreat

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