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Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm Yoga Retreat Center

shivananda yoga farm

About Sivananda Yoga Farm

This Sivananda Yoga Farm creates a beautiful environment that offers haven of peace in this chaotic life. This organization welcomes you to come together, practice yoga, meditation, and get in touch with the real, true and divine self. Prayers make miracles and this will become your belief system when you join in this organization. The main aim of this organization is to help people in realizing their highest potential and make them able to find their inner peace. That Inner peace will bring outer peace. The basic thought behind this Yoga Farm is that people should not judge or value ourselves as per gender, race, occupation, performance and personality. The core principle of this retreat center is to serve people equally with respect and live in the real world. Sivananda Yiga Farm is based on the notion simple living and high thinking.

Contact Information

Sivananda Yoga Farm
14651 Ballantree
Grass Valley
CA 95949
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