Top 10 Face Yoga Exercises for Glowing Skin

Yoga has always been perceived to be a disciplined set of practises that impact the performer’s mental and physical well-being for the better. However, face yoga seems to be a puzzling matter of interest that has attracted quite a lot of attention lately.

So, what are these face yoga exercises, and why are they creating such a buzz in society?

The latest fitness fads have added face yoga exercises to the list to help provide firmness to one’s facial muscles while relaxing and releasing the tension concentrated in them.

In a nutshell, it is an effective combination of exercises and massage that targets the face, neck, and shoulders too. Ultimately, this will improve the structure of these target areas by strengthening them.

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10 face yoga exercises That Will Help You Achieve the Glowing Face Look

Let’s start;

1. Puff Your Cheeks

  • Breathe in air through your mouth and puff your cheeks by inhaling as much air as possible like a pufferfish. Don’t let the air escape, and try shifting it from one cheek to another at a great speed. Let the air out after a few minutes. Repeat every day for plump cheeks.
  • This face yoga asana helps you achieve the plump cheeks look while also strengthening the cheek muscles, making it an excellent yoga asana for glowing cheeks.

2. Make a fish face

  • Make a fish-like face by sucking in your cheeks. While doing so, make sure to keep your eyes wide open to allow the face to stretch as much as possible. Hold this position till your eyes start feeling uncomfortable. Repeat the exercise at your ease; don’t overdo it.
  • As you stretch the cheek muscles during this yoga asana for facial glow, it helps tone them and reduce the extra fat. It’s a form of workout for the face.

3. Forehead smoother

  • This is an extremely simple face exercise for glowing skin. You need to follow the steps mentioned to achieve your desired look.
  • Using your two fists, apply pressure to your forehead, specifically with the knuckles of your first two fingers. Slide the fists down the slide while keeping the pressure.
  • Repeat 3-4 times.
  • As an alternative to Botox surgery, this facial exercise will help eliminate your forehead lines and wrinkles and release the tension concentrated in this area.

4. Jaw Stretch

  • Make a pout and position it towards one side so that your cheek gets stretched to one side. Turn towards the same side and lift your head. Hold this posture for a few seconds, and you’ll start feeling the burn in your neck. Repeat the same thing on the same side and then turn to the other side.
  • After this face yoga, you’ll start seeing its effect on your previously saggy double chin as it helps reduce extra fat tissues. It also gives more definition to your jawline.

5. Manual Facelift

  • Hold your face from the jawline to the temples with the outer sides of both your palms. By doing so, the outer edges of your palms will stretch your face upwards.
  • After that, make an “O” with your lips or pout in an attempt to stretch all your facial features forward. You can hold this stretch for 4-5 seconds and then relax. Repeat the same exercise about 4-5 times.
  • Once you add this facial workout to your daily routine, it’ll show its impact by reversing the wrinkles residing on your face. Regularly exercising your cheek muscles can improve the blood circulation therein, eventually eliminating the extra flabbiness.

6. Cheek Plumper

  • Suck in your cheeks and lips to form fish lips. You can either hold this position as it is for a few seconds or even try smiling to make it a bit tougher. The key is to maintain good posture so that you can feel the intensity in your cheeks and jaws. Relax and then repeat 5–6 sets of the same face yoga.
  • Stretching the cheeks and jaws will help you gain a toned jawline. Moreover, the cheeks will also plump up and look plumper instead of sagging and looking loose.

7. Temple Lift

  • To complete this exercise, you need to lift your arms, and with your fingertips positioned on your temples, lift the skin upwards using your thumb and forefinger. Drop your head towards your shoulder and hold this posture for a few seconds. Finally, repeat the same thing on the other side.
  • This exercise will help smoothen the saggy skin around your eyes, thereby clearing out the dark circles underneath your eyes.

8. Face Firmer All Over

  • This next exercise is meant to activate the lower half of your face and add definition.
  • After forming an “O” with your mouth and keeping your teeth covered by folding your lips over them, try smiling with your face corners.
  • At this stage, you will start feeling the burn already. However, to take it to the advanced level, you need to place the palms of your hands on either cheek, stretching the area even more. With your eyes closed, try pulling your chin outwards.
  • Hold this pose for 15 seconds and then repeat the same set three times for better results.

9. Eye Firmer

  • Using your fingers, form a “V” and then position them at your eyebrows. After applying some pressure, look up at the ceiling without actually moving your head. Try squinting with your lower eyelids and repeating the same thing 5–6 times. Also, squeeze your eyes and keep them shut for a few seconds.
  • Say goodbye to your wrinkles and eye bags after regularly performing this yoga asana for a glowing face.

10. Giraffe Neck

  • Place your fingertips at the collarbones and lightly pull down the skin as you tilt your head back. Then jut your lower lip out to extend and stretch the lower jawline area. While the corner of your mouth tries to pull down the jaw as the chin faces upwards, keep tugging at the skin on your collarbone to facilitate a better stretch.
  • Due to this exercise, both your lower neckline and jawline attain a firmer look, also reducing the traces of double chin, if any.


We’ve now reached the end of our mindfully curated list of face exercises for glowing skin. Each one of these exercises is an effective solution to achieving amazing results. However, you can’t accomplish the goals you’ve set singlehandedly with the help of these face yoga asanas.

This regime needs to be accompanied by a balanced diet. Staying hydrated should also be at the top of your agenda list. Following this routine regularly while maintaining your overall health will go a long way toward helping you pull off what you’ve set your mind to.

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