Three Yoga Poses for Beginners

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While regularly attending a 90-minute yoga session a few days a week can be tough to fit in a hectic schedule, even a little yoga everyday is much better than absolutely no yoga at all. These three beginner-friendly poses – also known as “asanas” – are relatively simple yoga staples that can be done for a minute each. More importantly, each pose helps strengthen and stretch major muscle groups that are essential to developing a solid core foundation of proper yoga posture.

One of the main factors for yoga’s current widespread popularity is the fact that many celebrities swear by the enriching benefits of this ancient practice. From Jessica Biel and Jennifer Aniston to Britney Spears and Gwyneth Paltrow, yoga has made believers out of many prominent public figures throughout the years. 2012 FoxyBingo Celebrity Mum of the Year Katie Price has also turned to yoga to help clear up all the toxins from Botox and tanning. Catherine Zeta-Jones is another yoga fanatic who was recognized by the Cheeky Bingo Twitter account as one of the more high-profile bingo enthusiasts in the world.

Anyway, here are three excellent yoga poses for beginners.

downward-facing-dogDownward-facing dog

While this classic yoga asana is technically a resting pose, the upside-down V-shape can be physically demanding for first-timers, especially since the upper body has to carry most of the weight. The Down Dog – as it’s popularly called – simultaneously strengthens arms and abs while effectively stretching tight hamstrings and calves. Relaxing the head down below the heart can also relieve headaches and congestion.


This particular pose stretches the hips and lower back, and is a proven way to alleviate chronic back pain – in addition to being a suitable post-run cooldown asana. There are multiple ways to perform the yoga butterfly. Remain sitting up if the hips are ridiculously tight; fold the torso over the thighs for a slightly more intense sensation. The elbows can also be pressed against the thighs for an even deeper feeling that reduces the residual tightness of the lower back and hips.

wheel-poseWheel Pose

Also known as the back-bend, the wheel pose is usually done right before the closing sequence of Ashtanga yoga. This pose is a fantastic way to increase the flexibility in one’s spine, in addition to strengthening a lot of muscle groups at the same time, including the abs, chest, thighs, and upper back.

Keep in mind that with the proper parental supervision, even children five years and older can learn these poses. A great way to get children started in yoga would be to turn the activity into a fun and enjoyable game. Spiraling Hearts offers a wide range of products designed to encourage children of all ages to learn yoga in a playful manner. One of their top-selling products is the Yoga Bingo Game, comprised of a set of bingo boards containing several clearly illustrated poses. The players will then find and perform a certain pose on the board; once a player completes four poses in a row, he/she will have to shout “Yoga!” to win the game. All told, this makes yoga a much more interactive and relevant experience for children.

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  1. Absolutely right and highly beneficial tutorial for beginners, being a yoga professional i recommend all of them, practice of breathing is also much more important also when you are going from beginning phase of your learning. At our Arhanta Yoga Ashram(, India, we also pay much attention to beginners.
    Very good tutorial..i appreciate this..

    1. Thank you very much Anuragbhai for sharing your feedback and information about your Arhanta yoga ashram.


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