How Yoga is Changing the Life of Blind People

Blind people practicing yogaRecently I came across the website of Give Back Yoga Foundation and came across this wonderful motivational article. A leading yoga teacher Szymon Jarosławski teaching yoga and different breathing process to blind people. It demonstrates different methods that help them to learn yoga. The noble cause is not only motivating the blind people but also help them to enhance to confidence level.

Here is the video in which yoga practitioner sharing their experience and the benefits they are getting by practicing yoga.

As you can see in image, initially the practice started on floor without yoga mat and after fundraising and donations; today, each student has his own yoga mat. If you want to contribute in this humble cause, you can donate by visiting Szymon’s website.

I personally met many yoga teachers having great experience and knowledge about yoga but the way Szymon Jarosławski is contributing; makes him different from other professional yoga teachers.

Are you Yoga Teacher or mentor and already involved in such good cause? Do write us! We would love to cover your work in our upcoming articles.


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