Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) Sequence – The Best Yoga Exercise

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) SequencesThe Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a form of a physical exercise that helps to release the body before performing some heavy exercises or yoga postures. Surya Namaskar also purifies the breathing system and helps to stretch the muscles of all the parts of body. Surya Namaskar is practiced through 12 different stages with various postures that could enhance the vitality level and helps to keep the body at ease while performing the asanas and exercises.

First posture

The person is supposed to stand erect while facing the sun with both the palms held together near the chest. The breathing exercise should be followed while standing with the folded hands. The inhaling and exhaling will raise the palms up and down. This posture helps to give a good exercise to the arms, shoulders, palms, torso and legs and refining the respiratory system as well.

Second posture

While standing, bend backwards stretching both the hands behind and the legs should be upright on the ground. Only the upper body should be bending backwards. The breathing exercise is not required here but the person should take a deep breath. This posture helps in stretching the upper body and the muscles of the torso.

Third posture

The person is supposed to bend frontward while standing and place both the hands on the ground effectively. He should try to bend as downwards as he can release the torso. The person is free to breathe out during this posture.

Fourth posture

Here one should sit in such a position that the right leg is placed on the ground and the left leg is held backwards while both the hands should be placed on the ground. Thus the weight of the whole body is rested on both the hands. The face should be held high during performing this posture.

Fifth posture

This posture is also known as the Mountain Pose. Here the person is supposed to bend in such a way that both the hands are placed together on the ground and the legs too are placed together. While bending, the hips are supposed to be upwards and the person should bend downwards forming the shape of a mountain.

Sixth posture

In this posture, the person should lay down on the ground in such a manner that his face, hands, chest, shoulders, torso and legs touches the ground. The body is stretched with all the parts of the body held on the ground. After attaining this position, the person should slightly and slowly bend his head towards the left first and then the right direction touching his ear on the ground. During this posture, inhale and exhale significantly.

Seventh posture

Keeping the body on the ground and doing the inhaling process, the person is supposed to stretch his upper body backwards with head held high and the arms still held still on the ground.

Eighth posture

Here the person should exhale subsequently by performing the same posture as the fifth posture. The person should bend forming the mountain pose.

Ninth posture

Here the person should inhale and sit in such a way that his right leg is brought forward and the left leg is held backwards with both the hands stretching towards the ground. This posture is same as the fourth posture but here the right leg should be kept forward and the left leg behind unlike the fourth posture.

Tenth posture

This posture is same as the third posture where the person bends forward fully and rests his arms on the ground. He is supposed to exhale the inhaled air.

Eleventh posture

Now the person should stand erect stretching the upper body backwards along with the hands held high. This posture is same as the second posture.

Twelfth posture

The person should stand erect placing the hands on either side of the body with face and all the parts of the body erect. This posture is same as the first posture but here the person is not likely to fold his hands. He can keep the hands at rest in this posture.

Surya Namaskar is likely to be practiced in the morning, in the outdoors preferably facing the sun. Surya Namaskar helps to keep the body working and active and also improve the inhaling and exhaling processes.

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  1. The plan weight and accent was about killing me, but again I was brash to do yoga which has magically helped me adapt my fretfulness and administer aggregate with a air-conditioned mind. Yoga which dates aback absolutely a lot of years has accepted to be a extenuative adroitness for alive women.Surya Namaskar is the mother of the Yoga.

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