Reebok Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Reebok Shoes

reebok cover picReebok, an American-inspired global brand was founded in 1895 in Lancashire, England. Since 2005, Reebok has been a subsidiary of German Group Adidas. Reebok is committed to making people fit for life. They are a leading provider of athletic shoes, clothing and accessories. This brand is focused to provide greater comfort in your everyday activities like running, playing basketball, doing aerobics and so on. In short, they provide a material benefit to all consumer’s fitness activities. The global headquarters are located in Canton, U.S, Massachusetts and the regional offices are found in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Montreal and Mexico City.

The success of the Reebok brand is based on its courage to create the new market, challenge the convention, developing various innovative products and creating latest athletic style. Reebok is dedicated to empowering  the  consumers to stay fit for life. Reebok generally introduces various sale offers time to time in order to give more pleasure of shopping to their customers. YogaCurious also offers coupons of Yoga products selling brands on this Black Friday and Cyber Sunday.  This time, they introduce Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale on various products of the Reebok brand.

Black Friday Sale

For the Black Friday i.e. 11/28, there will be an amazing sale on four models of shoes, that are discussed below:

Reebok Skyscape for $29.99

reebok skyscrapeThis product of Reebok brand provides a stylish look  to women. This pink colored sneaker has an amazing fabric lining, which makes it really comfortable to wear. The company uses rubber as a sole material and Canvas as a upper material. The closing style is lace-up and the tip shape is round. Really, this runaround walking shoes are sleek, comfortable and stylish. It is a true blend of comfort and styling. So elevate your style quotient by wearing this Reebok’s Skyscape sneakers.


Reebok Women’s Electrify for $39.99

reebok women electrifyingThis running shoe has a unique geometry. The midsole foam delivers sports car handling for your feet. The NanoWeb upper technology enables that you are  buckled up tight for a breathable and wonderful ride. They use low-cut having molded EVA midsole for the lightweight cushioning. The underfoot grooves aids the midsole to expand and flex for a smooth ride.


Reebok CrossFit Sprint TR for $49.99

reebok crossfit sprintThis product line of the Reebok is constructed especially for fast workouts. This shoe features a DuraCage, which has a PU protective indestructible upper that provide a lightweight feel and response. This shoe is highly durable and built with a Monomesh protection wrap outsole that will be helpful for the optimum bite and support against the rope climbs. The anti-friction lining of this shoe helps in reducing the average build-up of abrasion and heat.

Reebok CrossFit Lifter and Lifter  2.0 for $89.99

reebok crossfit lifterThe Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 is an updated version of their original Lifter. This shoe provides superior comfort and fit as it features with the breathable mesh in the toe. The adjustable strap locks in foot that ensure immediate response delivery and stability. The anti-friction lining helps to reduce the creation of heat and moisture, and keeps your feet cool and dry. The light-weighted 3D fuse frame provides strong and flexible support.

Cyber Monday Sale

On the Cyber Monday, 12th December, customers can enjoy the site-wide discounts at Reebok also offers various discounts in the online Reebok outlet.

Offer 1: 40% off site-wide at It excludes YourReebok, Nano Flag Pack, Nano Honor Pack and NHL jerseys.

Offer 2: 50% off on the online Reebok Outlet. It excludes YourReebok, Nano Flag Pack, Nano Honor Pack and NHL jerseys. There will be no returns in the online Reebok Outlet.

In addition to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Reebok also offers Black Saturday on 11/29. Under Black Saturday, you will get a sale on various shoes like Reebok Adult Jet, Reebok Kid’s Electrify and Reebok Kid’s Zig Big & Fast.

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