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About Brooklyn Yoga School

Brooklyn yoga school (BYN) was founded in March 2010 offer various yoga events, classes and programs in Brooklyn, USA. Here all the classes are offered solely by donation bases and anyone can join the class. The mission of this classic yoga school is to make these yoga practices for everyone and money should not be a hurdle to join them.

Brooklyn Yoga School offers unique classes where anyone can heal, open the body, balance the mind and learn how to walk in life with an easeful heart. They offers various breathing, relaxation, postures, meditation, chanting and teaches the philosophy of yoga impart everyone about the true lessons of life and happiness. The teachers, students, friends and family make this studio as blessing that deeply connect with everyone. BYS is really a magical place to learn and explore yoga. The very root of this studio is a movement of humanity that is a breath of fresh air in all our lives. Yoga really helps us to find out happiness inside ourselves.

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Brooklyn Yoga School
82 6th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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