Yoga Kit for Beginners by Gaiam


Gaiam yoga kit for beginners includes essential yoga products that is require to start your yoga practice. This yoga kit is the most suitable yoga product combination for beginners who wish to start learning yoga. You can get high fashioned and functional yoga product, AM yoga program of 24-minutes and other yoga accessories included in product description.


Yoga Products Included in Gaiam Yoga Kit

  • Yoga DVD for Beginner’s experience contains two full-length of yoga workouts and also contains props training that can help to understand basics of Yoga.
  • Guided meditation
  • Yoga block (brick) for better positioning during yoga exercise and better support
  • Alignment yoga mat
  • 6 feet long yoga strap that can help in lengthen and align stretches


Various shipping options are available on Gaiam yoga kit for beginners

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