AngelBeauty Non Skid Microfiber Yoga Towel


AngelBeauty has brought a premium Yoga towel Product which is just the thing to make you fresh in your on-going yoga sessions. These premium Microfiber non-skid Yoga Towels are extremely light weight in nature and made with water absorbent material. The microfiber used this yoga towel is of 340 to 400 gsm and is made from 80 % – 20 % mixture of Polyester and Poly Amide. The material is five times stronger in absorbing water or sweat and dries quickly which keeps your body non-sticky while performing yogasanas.

PVC or Silicon dots in flower pattern on variety of available colour options looks simply stunning. It measures 24in by 72in which is perfectly suitable considering standard yoga mat sizes. It is machine washable. However, separate first time laundry and hang drying are recommended to keep it up to the mark. In addition, the product comes with an exciting gift box with Carry Bag made just for these towels. What is better than having all these offerings starts at just $15.99? Then don’t wait and Place your order of Angelbeauty yoga towel now!


AngelBeauty Yoga Towel Features

  • Water absorbent non-skid microfiber made from Polyester and Poly Amide
  • Light weight in nature
  • Quick drying and five times more absorbent to water or sweat
  • Machine washable (first time separate wash and hang-dry recommended)
  • Various colour options with silicon or PVC dots in flower pattern that looks attractive
  • Comes with stylish carrying bag

Technical Features

  • Size: 24″ x 72″ (2′ x 6′)
  • Material: 340 – 400 gsm Microfiber made from 80 % Polyester and 20 % Poly Amide
  • Washing Condition: Machine washable, First-time wash separately, Hang Dry recommended
  • Yoga Towel Colors: Yoga Towel available in Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Violet, Yellow, Gray, Brown / Coffee
  • Additional Items: Carry bag and Gift Box

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