Full Toe Yoga Socks with Grip by ToeSox

$12.95 – $17.97

Yoga socks by ToeSox are one of the most popular yoga products to offer flexibility and greater strength while practicing yoga. This yoga toe sox is an amazing innovation by ToeSox which is best alternative to traditional socks. Toe Sox form to the contours of your foot while allowing each of your toes to separate. This toe separation provides freedom to your toes and increase flexibility of muscles in the foot. With the help of Yoga Toe Sox, you can improve alignment of your body in standing poses by spreading the ball and the toes of the standing foot.

Toe Sox is the best product that not only helpful in yoga but also can be used while practicing Pilates.


Yoga Socks Features

  • Yoga toe sox is available in X-Smal, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large size
  • This yoga product is made up from 10% Spandex and 90% Cotton
  • Offer sleep free security while practicing yoga/Pilates with non-slip sole
  • Available in Black, White, Grey, Red, Tan and many more colors


Various shipping options are available on Yoga Socks by ToeSox

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