Ashtanga Yoga – Beginners Practice DVD


Today, Ashtanga yoga is one of the most high-profile yoga practices. It is designed to create a stronger, healthier and more flexible body. Basically, it is not a workout, it is a practice, says Nicki Doane, a dedicated student of the popular Ashtanga teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and the creator of Gaiam’s Ashtanga Yoga DVD. The roots of Ashtanga Yoga can be traced back 4,000 years in the sacred texts of Yoga Korunta.

Ashtanga Yoga-Beginners Practice is an introductory series, created for your personal yoga practice. This DVD is developed under the guidance of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. With this, you can deepen the benefits of this well-known hatha yoga breathing system. In this Ashtanga Yoga Beginner’s Practice, renowned yoga instructor Nicki Doane gives you detailed information about the next level with the help of her teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Nicki explains each and every detail about how to do each pose and incorporate with breathing very clearly. This DVD generally includes Ashtanga flow style yoga standing and breathing poses.


Along with the stunning beauty of her native Hawaii, she guides about the Sun Salutation A & B to set the rhythm of movement and breath. She further explains various standing forward bends in order to lengthen the spine and join with the breath. In addition to these two poses she also adds Side Angle Bends to achieve balance and expand the flow of energy.

This 67 minute practice is well-designed for the beginners. It motivates them and makes them able to understand every essential of Ashtanga Yoga. Whenever you practice with this Ashtanga Yoga DVD, you will strengthen your entire body. It will be also helpful in enhancing your self-awareness and building internal self-control. Really, it will be a new beginning of exploring your own potential.

This beginners practice is an amazing combination of all breathing and standing poses. The expert and flexible instructor Nicki Doane explains every detail very clearly so you can easily understand about all the poses and breathing movements. The Hawaiian setting of this video is really attractive and serene.

Ashtanga Yoga Beginner’s practice guides the beginners effectively with its detailed step-by-step instruction and display. The pace of teaching is really non-intimidating because the objective of this DVD is to let you realize the real power of yoga. After learning with this DVD you will surely experience the positive effects of Ashtanga Yoga and how it will be helpful in burning your calories and shaping your lean muscle. The total run time of this DVD is 1 hour 40 minutes.

The additional benefit of this DVD includes a fold-out pose guide poster with colorful photos and the details of positioning, quick-reference pose guide program segment, superior quality Ashtanga video demonstration session, and an exclusive interview of Nicki Doane.

Many people believe, Ashtanga Yoga can’t be performed easily due to its physically challenging nature. Nicki advices to the beginners, don’t try to perform too much and too fast. Take some time, do a very basic program for a month at least and then add poses slowly. It makes you stronger and you will also become familiar with the various essentials of Ashtanga. After completing the basic program effectively, try a second-level program. Always start with the basic Ashtanga movements and after sometime you step ahead for the faster pacing movements. Ashtanga is all about connecting because it educates us to be fully present in each moment and to love life and value nature.

Product Features

  • It provides detailed step by step breathing instruction and yoga instruction
  • It considers yoga as a flow
  • It provides clear instruction and guidance from Nicki Doane
  • With this DVD you can deepen your practice
  • The Sun Salutations A & B help to establish the rhythm of movement and breath.
  • It also includes forward bends and single angle bends.
  • It connects your movements with your breath and minimizes stress.


This yoga DVD may comes with different art as shown in product description but will contains same vide`os

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