Ease Into Ashtanga


Ashtanga Yoga is one of the most popular styles of yoga. Ashtanga will enhance your inner strength and flexibility through a series of poses that incorporate breath with the movement. It also promotes equilibrium as well as calmness in your day to day life. But to enjoy your yoga practices, you must have a good knowledge of various mechanisms of Yoga like Ujjayi breath (a breathing technique), Bandhas (internal locks), the Vinyasa sequence and the Drishtis (gaze points).


Ease Into Ashtanga is a unique DVD that has been developed by the professional athletic trainers and yogis. This DVD is a great step to instruct the beginner and intermediate yoga students. With the help if this DVD, they can easily learn about how to practice Ashtanga Yoga safely and effectively.

This DVD covers a full Ashtanga Primary series and the required modifications. The running time of the DVD is around 3 hours. All instructions on this DVD are divided into various lessons where every pose in explained clearly. The location covered in this professional yoga instruction DVD is Hawaii. This remarkable yoga Ease Into Ashtanga DVD was created by the brilliant instructors of the Yoga-Hawaii school. The talented Tania Jo Ingraham and Rupali have created this Ease Into Ashtanga program in a way that offer a perfect entry to the Vinyasa style of Ashtanga. Really, this DVD provides a convenient way to understand the exact style of Ashtanga.

It has three voices of Tania Jo Ingraham, Rupali and Yoga-Hawaii so you also have an opportunity to select the voice of your desired instructor. There is an option to select the voice of your teacher with or without music so if you want, you can add your desired music from your home stereo or ipod. All of three will explain proper sitting and breathing moments.

As this DVD has a thorough explanation of all poses so beginners can easily understand each and every pose. Performing Ashtanga with this DVD will be a fun and the minimal chatter is quite refreshing as well. It contains two elements, the first one is instructional and the second one is a flow series. In the first element, you can learn all postures of the Ashtanga primary series and also get modifications for each of the poses. In the second element, you may select the seventy five minute series or you can also choose from a collection of other shortened sequences. When you will become well-acquainted with all the poses, you can easily do one of 4 flows, i.e. 30 minute, 40 minute, 50 minute or 60 minute flow.

This DVD features with the dual layer DVD technology and the beautiful extensive soundtrack by the Rob Palmer, a well-known British musician. The best part of this DVD is that, whenever you need a detailed tutorial for any of the asanas, you can stop the DVD in the middle and get your desired tutorial. The tutorials are available in two forms, one is full version and the other one is showing modifications. This DVD is really not less than a blessing for the Yoga lovers.

Product Features

  • It covers the lessons for breathing, bandhas and each section of the primary series.
  • It will be an ideal solution for the new yoga students as well as intermediate students.
  • It has three voices of the experts, namely Tania Jo Ingraham, Rupali and Yoga-Hawaii
  • It is a perfect way to learn Vinyasa style of Ashtanga.
  • The music of this DVD can be altered as per your requirement.

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