Harmony Premium Yoga Mats From Jade

BUY NOW $63.50 – $119.00

Professional 3/16-inches yoga mats from Jade Harmony are just the yoga product for your refreshing yoga sessions. Harmony yoga mats are made with earth-friendly material and are technologized with additional features of non-sticky and non-slipping characteristics. Made with open cell natural rubber, these yoga mats offer a perfect balance of cushion and traction even in the situation of heavy perspiration and thus keep your yoga sessions fresh and energetic.

Even if it gets wet by perspiration, its material offers it a considerably high slip-resistance. And for the Yogis that are concerned for environmental protection, the natural rubber is renewable resource and no PVC or Ozone depleting material is used in manufacturing. Also, they are easily washable. The jade harmony yoga mats are available in eight different colors and two different lengths of 68″ and 74″. Choose any and get it for price range of just $63 to $120. Jade Yoga, plants a Tree for every Yoga Mat you purchase in partnership with Trees for Future.

BUY NOW $63.50 – $119.00

Product Features

  • ¼ Inch Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat Features:
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing with open-cell natural rubber
  • Slip-resistance even in high perspiration on mat
  • Highly cushioning product with incomparable resilience
  • Easily washable using soap and water
  • No PVC of Ozone depleting material used
  • Premium 3/16 inch yoga mats come in two options of lengths of 68 inches and 74 inches

Technical Features

  • Size 3/16″
  • Yoga mat length: 68″ and 74″
  • Material: Open-cell Natural rubber
  • Shipping Weight: 5.1 Pounds
  • Washing Instructions: Easily washable using soap and water
  • Colors:Available in Black, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Orchid, Purple, Slate Blue, Sedona Red, Tibetan Orange

BUY NOW $63.50 – $119.00

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