Sol Uttama Yoga Mat By Gaiam

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The main reason why you are doing yoga is to meditate, relax and calm yourself. However, as you do yoga, you cannot just sit and stretch on a flat and plain surface. You probably need something that is soft and comfortable as you squat down. If you have an ordinary kind of mat, do you really think that you can meditate well and do your yoga exercises in a very relaxed way?

This Gaiam Uttama Premium thick yoga mat is one of the best yoga mats that you can find in the market. It doesn’t make you sacrifice your performance, just like the other yoga mats do. Uttama means excellence, so this premium gaiam yoga mat only gives what its name provides. It could even be the best foundation for your journey to the main excellence. It is highly developed for the nominal demands of advanced practitioners of yoga.


Gaiam Yoga Mat Features

  • It is made up of thick, pure and natural rubber
  • It is the thickest mat found in the market, about 8mm for the cushioning
  • Its core prevents stretching or bunching
  • For a nice grip and stability, it has the fabric-like surface
  • It is made with a delicately structured core for balanced resilience
  • An original Gaiam Sol, which is a line of the quality mats

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