Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine


Concept2 is one of the pioneering manufacturers of indoor rowing machines. The more modification the company does on its flagship products, the more innovative it becomes. As a result, more and more people are depending on the Concept2 model D indoor rowers to increase their performance and fitness as well as developing their entire body physique.


Model D Rower Features

  • Model D indoor rower from Concept2 comes with a choice of PM3 or PM5 so that you can choose the performance monitor that will suit your specific needs while also giving you the most accurate and comparable data that you can use for comparison.
  • Comes with a monitor arm that is adjustable and it helps you to position it wherever you want.
  • Highly responsive to every stroke you make which gives you complete control of the resistance and exertion at all possible times.
  • Spiral damper that enables you to adjust the flow of the air to the flywheel easily, which allows you to change the feel of the stroke if and when you want.
  • Seat is just 14″ in its height and helps to maintain a low profile.

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