Yoga and Meditation Cushion by Zafu

$37.95 – $59.95

Here comes the new Zafu cushion for yoga and Meditation. The Zafu cushion is especially designed to be used for Yoga exercises and meditations of any level. These cushions are same as the traditional cushions, but are now launched with added flavor of modern and round design. These are 13 inch in diameter and are 6 inch in altitude. Zafu cushions are 100% handmade items that are being manufactured in Chicago. From there, they are transported to USA where they are filled with eco-friendly organic buckwheat. The buckwheat is completely removable and can be refilled. They can also be washed and can be reused as long as you wish to use them.

The Zafu cushions can be used in your drawing rooms as beautiful sofa cushions. You can use them as your head rest while sleeping. These cushions are multi usable cushions that can provide you comfort in all manners. Zafu cushions come in 16 attractive colors to choose from. They carry simplicity with a modern touch. It is perfectly molded in round design that gives it a sober yet impressive look. The Zafu cushion can prove to be your best partner weather it is used for yoga meditation or in any other aspect.


Cushion Features

  • It is made up completely from hands, no use of machines in manufacturing.
  • Its size and shape are identical to the traditional cushions.
  • It is filled with organic materials that are fully eco-friendly.
  • It is re-washable, and the cushions covers are so made that they does not harm the skin.
  • It comes in 16 attractive colors to choose from.


Don’t waste your time, just visit the website and order it now to feel the relief and ultimate comfort.

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