Polar FT7 Unisex Heart Rate Monitor Watch


FT7 Polar heart rate monitor is the most popular unisex fitness watch by Polar, a leading heart rate monitor watch seller. This watch will be your ultimate workout companion to monitor the effect of your different exercises and will help you to modify your workout accordingly.

Free Operations HeartTouch enable button will allow you to operate automatic or manual target zone and will alert you when you are in your target zone. It records heart rate per minutes or percentage of maximum heart rate during exercise. Apart from this, there are various important features available in this FT7 Polar Heart rate monitor watch you should consider.


Polar HRM Specifications

  • Plastic is used as a housing material
  • Chronograph is available in this heart rate monitor watch
  • Equipped with low batter indicator
  • Water resistance capability
  • Backlight
  • Estimated Battery life is 1 Year and Battery type is CR1632
  • Recommended use of this Polar Heart rate monitor watch is for Running, Cycling, Gym workout
  • Available manufacturer warranty – 2 Years


  • Store information like heart rate, average hear bit, calories burn during exercise
  • It can store average and target heart rate information and can alert you with the help of visual and audible alarms
  • Can store this information for up to 99 workouts
  • Some of the features available in this watch are: date, stopwatch, alarm, and weekday indicators.

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