Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband Fitness

$124.99 $149.99

Fitbit Flex is an easy to wear slim and stylish device. It motivates you to get out and be more energetic. It makes you fit and fine by tracking the steps, distance and the calories that you have burnt and ensures you that you are stacking up against your day to day goals. It makes you aware about your various health issues. During the night, it tracks your sleep cycle and helps you to know about how to get sound sleep. It has an alarming facility as well so it wakes you on time and makes you active and punctual.

$124.99 $149.99

Fiitbit Flex will be your perfect companion because it goes everywhere with you, even in the shower as well. It can easily access your stats anytime on your PC, tablet or smartphones like iPhone and Android. The most amazing part is that, it goes perfect for all sorts of outfits. It will surely enhance your looks, no matter whatever you are wearing so you don’t need to be worried about your looks.

Fitbit Flex Wireless activity records your food, weight and many more. You can visit Fitbit’s website or apps to know more about its health benefits. It helps you to set goals, observe your progress and receive the badges. You can share your progress with your friends and compete with them. It will sync automatically with the selected mobile devices and to your computer. It has a flex tracker that is flexible enough so you can easily take this tiny tracker out and put into any of your desired flex’s colorful bands.

In addition to the black color, this elegant band is also available in Slate color. Flex has a rechargeable battery so you will never face battery discharge problems. This slim and smart device is always with you, whether it’s day time or night. During day time, it will track your complete day thoroughly and provide you accurate information about your active minutes. At night, it will monitor your quality of sleep and wakes you on time.

It will automatically syncs your entire data to your PCs, Macs, many other iOS devices. All that you need to select the Android phones without plugging in or pushing the buttons. It gives you a real-time access to your day to day stats on the Fitbit dashboard. You can further tap your device to launch your Fitbit stats. It is really like a magic. Using Fitbit band is a best way to see whether you are stack up on your personal goals or not. It motivates you to set your goals and achieve them effectively.

Flex uses LED lights in order to make sure that you are going on the right track as per your goals. Each light of LED represents 20% of your goal. It never sleeps even when you are sleeping. As it is so light-weighted, so you can wear it all day and night. Really, it enables you to become more active day after day by providing awesome graphs and charts. With the help of these graphs and charts, you can measure your progress and apply corrective measures. It motivates you to reach your goal.

$124.99 $149.99

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband Features

  • It monitors your number of steps, covered distance, calories burned and all active minutes.
  • It monitors your sleeping time and quality of your sleep
  • It wakes you with a silent wake alarm without disturbing the sleep of your partner.
  • There are various LED lights that represent how your day is stacking up against your daily goal
  • It is a slim, comfortable and easy to wear the stylish device.
  • It is also available in both small and large wristbands

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