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Gaiam – Performance Yoga Mats Starts @$39

This is one mat we know your environmental side will like. Made of eco-friendly TPE, our Performance Yoga Mat is non-toxic, biodegradable and recyclable, with closed-cell engineering that seals out germs, odor and bacteria. The reversible mat offers two unique colors and textures too, which lets you switch things up …

Gaiam Yoga Gear & Apparel Starts @$9

Yoga Gear & Apparel List of items Gaiam Sell Under Yoga Gear Section: Performance dry grip yoga mat Tree of wisdom Mat Total body balance ball Yoga Mat wipes Yoga essential block Toeless yoga socks and more

Gaiam – Recover Collection Coupons

Any athlete knows that the secret to any good post-workout routine is yoga & muscle recovery with tools like muscle foam rollers. Browse our selection of other yoga & muscle recovery tools to help you roll out sore muscles today!

Gaiam Discount Offer on Entire Meditation Collection

Meditation Collection
Gaiam special events sale to save 20% on entire meditation collection only. Now you don’t need to worry about your monsoon season purchase as Gaiam has great deals on cushions. What are you waiting for? just visit Gaiam and find best deal on your favorite yoga products now! Just spend …

Save 30% – Gaiam Limited Offer On All Category Sale

Save minimum 30% On Ongoing Gaiam Category Sale. available for limited time period. Message From Gaiam – We wish to help more people, live longer lives, and be more active. However, the belief that we must be perfect in all we do might hold us back. So, especially when it …

Gaiam Active Standing Collection

Your Standing desk just got an upgrade! Shop Gaiam’s Active Standing Collection. Standing desk balance boards and standing desk mats are a must for stabilizing muscles in your back, core, and legs while standing at work. Browse more Gaiam active standing products today!