JADE YOGA - Fusion Yoga Mat review

JADE YOGA – Fusion Yoga Mat Review

JADE YOGA - Fusion Yoga Mat reviewBUY NOW $144.95 $199

Jade mats were designed specifically to provide a high level of traction. Natural rubber is the only material we use on our mats since it provides a greater grip and more cushion than any synthetic rubber available (PVC, PER, TPE, EVA).
The Fusion yoga mat is an extra-thick yoga mat that is ideal for restorative yoga, pilates, core fitness, and CrossFit. This mat is 5/16″ thick, providing an extra cushion for all of your favorite practices.
We chose to plant a tree for every mat we sold because Jade Yoga mats are made from trees. Since 2006, Trees for the Future has planted nearly one million trees. ONLY HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS ARE USED IN THE MAKING OF JADE YOGA MATS.




JADE YOGA – Fusion Yoga Mat Review

  • Available in three colors-  Purple gray and midnight blue,
  • Available in two different lengths – 68″ and 74″
  • Stiffer, deep, heavier mat for developed yogi.
  • Smooth texture which delivers a little less of grab and more of a give
  • Jade yoga mat is complete eco friendly product made from natural rubber

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