Gaiam Sol Premium-Grip Yoga Mat (8mm)


$49.84 The Uttama premium mat provides the perfect foundation to attain the ultimate goal of yoga. This luxurious mat is a combination of softness and strength. The Grip yoga mat is designed with 100% natural rubber and the fabric having unmatched stability and grip. The word Uttama denotes excellence and this premium mat will be an ideal basis for the journey of excellence. This product is the part of the Gaiam Sol line which is introduced to fulfill the technical demands of yoga practitioners.


Gaiam Sol is a professional line of yoga mats that will be helpful to meet out the technical demands of superior yoga practitioners like Yogis. The main focus in designing these unique mats is given to the quality construction, mindful design and excellent material. The amazing slip-resistance, superior quality cushioning and the superb grip, enable you to stand out in the studio and strengthen your home practice without sacrificing the performance. These yoga mats are made up of highest quality material so you will be ensured for its brilliant performance. The average product dimensions are 68 x 4 x 24 inches. The yoga mats generally release a very strong smell though it is not harmful, but it is better to unroll and air out your mat for 2 to 3 days, before its use.

With this Sol Premium-Grip Yoga Mat, you can protect your joints and become more comfortable during your yoga practice. This extra thick mat has a fabric like texture that can provide comfort and a no-slip grip. The best part of this mat is that it is rich grass green colored that promotes nature and calmness. This mat will be a healthy choice for you and the environment as well. So by using this eco-friendly product, you are not only making your yoga practice more comfortable but you are also supporting the environment.

Basically Gaiam was introduced as a lifestyle company with the objective to give a variety of choices so that people can easily choose their desired lifestyle which is healthy enough. The Gaiam lifestyle is devoted for individual health as well as the future sustainability of the earth’s resources. As they offer various alternatives of natural or healthy versions of traditional products, people can easily compare price, quality and style of all the available products. The objective of Gaiam is to become well-known and trusted brand for the participants of Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. They believe that the information they provide affect the life of peoples and therefore they are committed to delivering quality products that can positively affect the life of people. They design their products in a way that can enhance the well-being of people.

Gaiam works on the concept of Conscious Commerce. They want their customers should make their purchasing decisions on the basis of their personal values and beliefs. They take into consideration all the aspects of people’s life. They are concerned about the impact upon the environment. Gaiam follows a unique strategy for delivering quality products for which they are well-known. They are partnered with the experts in health and wellness fields. They provide eco-living to their customers that can fulfill all the needs of customers and provide meaningful solutions to their problems.


Gaiam Sol Premium-Grip Yoga Mat Features

  • Gaiam Sol premium Yoga mat is a thickest mat (8mm), available for the superior cushioning
  • The well structured internal scrim ensures no bunching or stretching.
  • This mat is made up of 100% natural rubber.
  • The fabric-like surface provides greater stability and grip.
  • This part of Gaiam Sol line of professional-quality mats come with the lifetime guarantee.

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