Elite Jade Yoga Mats


Jade yoga elite yoga mat loved by hot yoga practitioners all over the world. The sponginess, padding and stickiness are flawless on antimicrobial floor and offer nice grip. This Jade yoga mat is available in 3 different lengths so that you fell scrunched while doing yoga. This is an eco-friendly mat, made from natural rubber and no use of PVC which does not harm the environment in any way. It holds your yoga position perfectly without making your body slip and provides good slip resistivity.


Elite Jade Yoga Mat Features

  • Available in one color in which charcoal color on the surface and silver color on the down side – 5mm Thick
  • It is available in 24″ or 28″ inches of Width
  • Available in three different lengths – 68″, 74″ or 80″ Inch
  • Stiffer, deep, heavier mat for developed yogi.
  • Smooth texture which delivers a little less of grab and more of a give
  • Jade yoga mat is complete eco friendly product made from natural rubber

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