Fitbit Sleep Tracker


Fitbit One is an awesome devise that keeps track of your daily activity, calories burned and also your sleep cycle. This sleek and small tech-wonder can upload these stats to your compute or your smartphone and give a graphical presentation of your activity. The valuable information can be used to set your activity goals or help you plan things that improve your sleep cycle. Fitbit One can therefore bring more fitness to your life by seamlessly becoming a part of your being 24 hours a day.


Fitbit One Features

  • Tracks your steps, stairs climbed and calories burned
  • Measures how well you sleep and how many times your sleep is disturbed
  • Has alarm to wake you silently, without disturbing your partner
  • Syncs automatically to computer or select mobile phones via bluetooth
  • Helps you share activity information and compete with friends
  • Can be discreetly worn on belt or bra
  • Comes with rechargeable battery

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