P90X® Home Fitness DVDs by Tony Horton


P90X is a set of 12 DVDs workout by esteem fitness trainer Tony Horton. This 90 day extreme home fitness workout DVD set is specially designed to tone your body. Each workout focuses on specific group of muscle or unique training program. “Muscle Confusion” is the name of an advance training technique that is used in this 90 day extreme home fitness workout DVDs set.

When you buy this DVD set, you will also get Nutrition plan, fitness guide (how to bring it DVD) and calendar that can help you to track your progress during entire workout.


Workout Brief

  • Workout One will emphasize on chest and back exercise and will teach best process to perform upper body exercises.
  • Workout Two cover jump training which is also known as Plyometrics
  • Workout Three is specially designed to cover exercise which helps you to get well defined arms and shoulders.
  • Workout Four is one of the best workouts in this DVD set and will cover Yoga exercises. As Yoga is essential part of any fitness workout and in this set, you will learn balancing, coordination, various breathing process and flexibility to enhance your physics and mind.
  • Workout Five is for back and Legs improvement
  • Workout Six emphasize on high-intensity cardiovascular workout that is known as Kenpo X
  • Workout Seven cover X Stretch
  • Workout Eight is known as Core Synergetic in which the workout will recruit multiple muscle groups to support the core muscles.
  • Workout Nine is focuses on muscles of Chest, Triceps and Shoulders
  • Workout Ten is for Back and Biceps
  • Workout Eleven is mostly contains Cardio routines that is known as Cardio X
  • Workout Twelve will teach you 11 highly effective exercises that can improve abdominal muscle strength.

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