What Is A Yoga Lifestyle? Learn Everyday Yoga Asanas and Benefits

The current generation follows a lifestyle that involves a lot of running around without proper diet, sleep, or rest. Their life is full of stress and chaos as many among them is busy chasing deadlines and trying to achieve goals. In this chaos of daily life, we forget the most basic requirements and end up being more stressed. The lack of exercise, proper diet and sleep makes our lives extremely stressful and our body becomes unhealthy. This also affects our mind and body negatively and we end up being extremely worn out in the process. Under such circumstances Yoga Lifestyle can improve the quality of living.

Why is Yoga necessary?

why yoga is necessary

Looking at the current scenario, Yoga has become a very crucial part of our lives. Considering the kind of life that we lead, it is crucial to incorporate yoga in our everyday schedule for making our body healthy and mind peaceful. This will ensure we live every day with the greatest comfort and without being unhealthy. To create a balance in life, we need to make sure we live without stress and follow a healthy lifestyle. We also need enough mental peace to carry on without any risk of diseases. Yoga asanas helps to keep the mind healthy. It also ensures complete attention, awareness, and focus. Another unavoidable part of life these days is stress. Embracing Yoga in our lives helps us to replace stress with calm and creates a sense of balance. A major reason behind people considering Yoga to be important for lifestyle is that it unblocks our mind, body, and emotions. It gives us a better mind space which helps us combat stress and generate a positive state of mind. The yogic way ensures we do not look at every situation with stress and try to find alternate ways of thinking.

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Yoga Lifestyle

yoga lifestyle

The yogic lifestyle is all about shaping our habits, attitudes, and our general life so that it is congruent with the principles, philosophies, ethics, and morals of a yogi. These lifestyles bring us towards sattva which is a state of inner peace and equilibrium. This lifestyle helps us to maintain a calm and focused mind and a healthy body. In a yogic way of life, you need to change your habits and lifestyles. It might lead you to eat differently, develop new friendships, and move.

How to embrace Yoga Lifestyle

Here are certain changes that we need to make in our life to embrace a Yoga Lifestyle

Eat Like a Yogi

eat like a yogi

While following a traditional yogic diet, we should ideally maintain a vegetarian or a vegan diet. We should cut the tamasic element from our diet that mainly includes animal protein. Rather, we should eat more sattvic products including fruits, nutrient-rich vegetables, and whole grains. The diet should include more organic and minimally processed food. It should also include the food that is in season and should be locally grown. Those who follow a Yogic lifestyle also fine-tune their diet and eat based on the Ayurvedic dosha of their body. Following such a diet will support the yoga practice for yogis. It will make them feel more energized, calm, and vibrant while keeping their energies in equilibrium.

Sleeping like a Yogi

For any yogi, must get deep sleep for about eight hours every day. This helps them to stay focused and clear-minded. Also, a peaceful sleep ensures a rested body that stays energized throughout the day. Sound sleep also gives an improved immune system. Yogis should ideally wake up at sunrise to practice meditation and yoga. They generally manage their sleep schedule to ensure waking up as per this mediation schedule. They also engage in light activities before sleep to ensure sound sleep. Yogis get a deep sleep in a peaceful manner by minimizing mental stimulation just before sleeping. Many yogis also engage in guided meditation just before sleeping to ensure sound sleep.

It is must to think like a yogi while maintaining a Yoga lifestyle. Apart from the asana practice helps that helps to strengthen their mind and increase mental focus, a practice of regular meditation also helps yogis to gain control over their mind. This increases their awareness and helps them control their emotions. Yogis have higher level of concentration that stabilise their mind and provides clarification. Such a mind is more creativity and productive. Yogis are able to stay away from negative thoughts and are engaged in a more productive and none judgemental lifestyle.

How to live a Yogic life?

how to yoga

If you want to live a Yoga lifestyle then you should start by attending yoga workshops or retreats. Spending time in ashram and yoga retreats for some time will help you slip into a Yoga lifestyle. The main aspects of yoga lifestyle are to explore as much as possible. They should also take things slowly to make changes as per the feedback from the mind and body.

A Yogic lifestyle involves a balance between the body, spirit and mind. Such a lifestyle also guides us in achieving harmony between the individual and their relationship with others. If we apply yoga principles in our daily life then we can adopt a healthy attitude and such practices ultimately lead to enlightenment. Yoga involves complete immersion in whatever we do. Yogis make their practice a part of their life. Apart from the physical practice, they also imbibe Yoga in their mental state. The practice of Yoga involves complete immersion into a lifestyle that can transform you completely and instill a sense of peace and calm in your life.

The biggest advantage of embracing a Yogic lifestyle is that it gives not just a healthy body but a sense of balance and calm in life. Regular practice of such a lifestyle helps to strengthen the ability to focus. If we practice meditation as much as a Yogi then we are bound to get control over the mind. A deeper achievement of awareness and control over the long and emotions gives the Yogis a balance between the mind, body, and soul. This cultivates and stabilizes the mind, inculcates creativity, and productivity. This gives an immense sense of happiness which is a rarity to be achieved in today’s lifestyle. Yogis become peaceful through the day and their life becomes rich in every way.

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