How to Treat High Fire Element in Body

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Recently we received one question about high fire element in human body from our reader.

I have high fire element in my body. It is going on since last 4-5 years. I get lots of sweating under arms and at growing. At night sometime my body is completely wet even when it is snowing outside. I have lower back pain and my eye site is going week. I am 57 years old male. I am CA therefore, my job is desk job. I have started doing Bastrica and AlomeVileyome as advertise by Baba Ramdev. I don’t know if it is right or not. Please advise what to do. Many thank.



Extreme sweating is usually due to the malfunctioning of Pitta, which can happen because of malfunctioning of Vata or Kapha. The major culprit is the liver, which is the seat of Pitta and regulates so many functions in the body. Bad liver results also in bad kidneys and pancreas/spleen malfunctioning.

The first advice to you is to stop those pranayamas as they (especially Bastrika) increase bodily heath. They should be done by healthy people and under the guidance of a competent master only. Pranayamas in general do increase the heath considerably and are not to be done when high Pitta is prevalent.

Since I don’t know you in person, I can only infer the causes by half-guess. One of them can be obesity, which is closely linked to malfunctioning of the liver and there can be several causes to it. One of them is regular intake of allopathic drugs, alcohol, junk food and hallucinating drugs. One doesn’t need to be exactly fat looking to be toxic. Obesity can be (due to toxic mass) pretty much also internal.

Vata - Pitta - Khapha

Therefore, it becomes hard for the liver and kidneys to process the toxic mass that loads them and hence they try to combat it with by producing additional heath. Since the toxic mass is deeply embedded in the tissue and unwilling to leave the body, the first casuality is the flow of air (Vata) in the body, which in turn gets stuck in the joints. Usually Vata flows nicely if Pitta is healthy as it warms Vata (warm air flows, the cold one doesn’t). However, in your case the Pitta heats the body in excess trying to combat toxic mass (Ama), leaving no room for regulation of Vata dosha, which is then left perpetually cold and the cold air, as said above, doesn’t flow. Since the Vata’s seat is in the colon, the nearest joint is the lower back. Once cold Vata makes it its home it starts pushing out discs in the vertebrae, which causes the nerves to be pressed – causing pain.

Problems with eyesight are common for excess of Pitta and derangement of Vata. The excess of heath literally burns the nervous system, giving fertile ground for cold Vata to dry it and make it unusable. The high Pitta always rushes to the head first (imagine anger, it shows in the eyes) and the most tender organ there are the eyes.

External and internal obesity might not be the only cause. An emotional obesity can do it, too. It has its cause in the inability to process life as it is due to fear (which then gives raise to the anger and excess Pitta) and various misconceptions.

Pitta has many layers and several Agnis (fires) represent it, like Jatharagni (digestive fire), which is the base for all other Agnis that control Pitta.

Certainly yoga is a good regime for controlling those Agnis, however, in your case a detox treatment in Ayurvedic hospital, or by reputed physician is highly recommended.

You are welcome to ask me for recommending you a suitable Ayurvedic treatment facility or a master.

After Ayurvedic detox you can start my specialized yoga detox course. You can see them all on my web site:, where Lotus Members can choose the variety of Yoga Therapy subjects and participate in the forum discussions.

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