Basic Difference between Pilates and Yoga Exercises

Difference between Yoga and Pilates

Fitness plays an important role in our life by improving our efficiency in professional and personal life. Fitness not only improves our body, but also our mind that can result in better performance. But the main question is; How to stay fit? Should I do yoga? Pilates? Gym? Etc…Today; we will discuss the basic differences between Yoga & Pilates, which can help you to choose the one that suits your needs.

Differences in Pilates and Yoga Exercises

There are various exercises which are common in Yoga and Pilates. Due to these similarities, it is not easy to explain the differences. Let’s start with some basic information about how yoga and Pilates approach movements.

How Pilates works?

The main difference between Yoga and Pilates is that Pilates exercises are very much focuses towards the development of core strength and movements habits that can directly reflect into daily life.

How Yoga Works?

Yoga poses and exercises can also help in developing core strength but it is more focuses on stretching and flexibility. But it is less interested in daily movement mechanics than in expanding consciousness through movement of various parts of body.

Being a yoga practitioner, I am very much aware of benefits and consequences of Yoga Exercise but I hardly tried Pilates. I will really appreciate if you can share your experience and the main difference between Yoga & Pilates. That can help us to learn more about these amazing ways to stay fit!!

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Resources to learn about Pilates Vs Yoga Exercises and Their benefits

According to you which is the most important benefits of Pilate and Yoga? Which is your favorite practice?

5 thoughts on “Basic Difference between Pilates and Yoga Exercises

  1. Personally , I feel that yoga is more of an overall balanced body workout and I think that Pilates emphasizes the core strength rather than creating a balance with strengthening the lower back . It is vital to create a balance within all muscles groups. Paulette

    1. Thanks Paulette for your feedback,

      Yea i do agree with you as yoga is emphases more on stretching and give result that last for longer even-though we stop practicing yoga.

  2. I think you are right. I would say that pilates is a wonderful tool to use if you are out of shape or experiencing alignment issues as an introduction and healthy starting point before diving into yoga. A lot of the core poses are done on the ground which can provide much needed support to the back and is very helpful if you aren’t very strong in the core yet. This will help immensely when starting a yoga practice. Whenever i fall out of my yoga practice, i start back up with pilates to relearn basic body mechanics.

  3. Hi .. I agree with you ..and I think this is the yoga of awareness and relaxation exercises to calm the spirit of the moment..

    There is an awareness and peace movements in Pilates

  4. Hi:) Both are great and they compliment one another. If you are after a great shape to your body Pilates is one of the most effective ways of getting it and mat Pilates is personally much more relaxing than reformer (although some might disagree with me). I find equipment less relaxing and most of the time body weight is enough. Yoga is amazing for relaxing and tapping into your spirit and well-being and helps you to meditate. However, when I just practice yoga I find it hard to activate my core the whole time and my back tend to get too flexible so Pilates keeps my body safe and strong enough to enjoy yoga. I like your diagram where the benefits of both practices overlap:)

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