8 Yoga Poses for Partners

Doing Yoga regularly is now become a part and parcel of this stressful day to day life and when we talk about couples then it become more important to take into consideration. Performing Yoga with your partner is a good idea to intensify your connection with your beloved and establish strong bonding with each other. With Yoga you will experience a deep stretch in your muscles and get greater flexibility in your body. It creates drastic enthusiasm in performing personal and professional chores. So let’s understand how to do these superb eight yoga poses with your partner.

#1 Triple Hill

Triple Yoga posture will help you to stretch out your shoulders and hamstrings. It will also increase the flexibility in your spine and if you are feeling odd to ogle into your partner’s eyes, then you can just tuck your chin in to your chest. Really you will experience very intense feeling while doing this pose because in this pose you stand up and lean against your partner. With this pose your entire body got stretched like Downward facing Dog.

Procedure of Triple Hill Pose:

  • First, stand in front of your partner about a foot apart.
  • Lift up your hands overhead and make a touch your palms together, with the help of your arms shoulder width distance apart.
  • Press your palms together and move backward slowly till your hips are over your heels and foreheads are touching each other.
  • Keeping your abs engaged arch your spines down in order to increase the stretch in your hamstrings, chest and shoulders.
  • After five breaths, both the partners can lower your heads down and draw your chins to your own chests to experience a wonderful stretch in the back of your necks.
  • Stay in this pose for five or more breaths and then both of you can lift your heads back up.
  • To release this pose, slowly walk your feet towards one another and come to a standing position. Lower your arms back down at your sides.

#2 Double Standing Forward Bend

You will experience one of the most superb hamstring stretches with this pose, so get over the fact that your bums are touching in Double Standing Forward Bend. Doing this forward bends on your own are not really as profound and enjoyable as doing them with your partner because you can pull on each other to stretch your hamstrings and lower back. It really feels awesome. This will be a best pose if you do after Backpack.

double standing forward bendProcedure of Double Standing Forward Bend Pose:

  • Firstly, stand back to back with about 6-12 inches between your heels so while folding forward, this space will give room for your bums.
  • Both the partners bend at the waist and make a Standing Forward Bend posture. Take your hands behind you and hold your partner’s hands.
  • As per your flexibility, you can walk your hands closer to each other, so that you are holding each other’s forearms, elbows or shoulders.
  • Your heels should be closer to each other in order to make your bums are touching each other.
  • Try to keep your legs straight and stretch through the spine.
  • Reach the top of your head towards the ground.
  • Stay here for five deep breaths, or as longer as you can.

#3 Down Dog Bow

This Down Dog Bow pose make you to feel wonderful because some weight is on your hips and your partner is on top. Your partner will get to feel weightless. Female partner stretches the front of her body and enhances the flexibility in her spine.

down dog bowProcedure of Down Dog Bow Pose:

  • First, get in to the Downward Facing Dog Pose.
  • Your partner should stand behind you.
  • Put a strap around the front of your waist.
  • Make sure that the strap should be snuggled into the crease between your front pelvis and thighs.
  • Now, your partner should then pull the strap parallel to the spine line.
  • Remember one thing, your partner must fully extend the arms, maintain the chest lifted and knee bent.

#4 Double Sandwich

Seated forward bends is an amazing yoga pose on your hamstrings and lower back. When you do this pose with a partner, it is called as Double Sandwich. This Seated Forward Bend is highly intense stretch when you do alone but when you perform with your partner it will create more passionate feeling because while stretching you press the soles of your feet together and hold your partner’s hands. It really gives overwhelming feeling to do this pose with your partner.  To deepen the stretch and increase flexibility, it is advised to perform this pose again and again.

double sandwichProcedure of Double Sandwich Pose:

  • First sit in the opposite direction of your partner with the soles of your feet together.
  • Now fold forward and reach each other’s hands, if you can. If you are unable to reach, have each person grab on either end of a hand towel or a strap.
  • Until you are feeling the stretch in your lower back and hamstrings, you are going right. Your torso should not in close to your legs.
  • Tuck your chin in and relax your chest down to your thighs, try to keep your legs straight to increase the stretch in your hamstrings as per your flexibility. Now release your forehead towards your shins.
  • Make sure that while performing this pose neither of you are feeling pain or discomfort. Anytime you can come out and release the hold of your partner.
  • Bring your hands to any side of your legs and move towards your hips and slowly lifting your torso back up.

#5 Double Boat

Practicing Boat pose with your own, require working of your abs but when you do this pose with your partner, it totally change the stretch and require working of your hamstrings. This pose will deepen your connection with your partner.

Double boatProcedure of Double Boat Pose:

  • First, sit in opposite direction of your partner, and make a distance of about three feet between you.
  • On the outside of your legs, hold hands and raise both the legs. Place the soles of your feet together.
  • Make a balance and try to straightening your legs. If you can’t straighten your legs, you can work on one leg at a time and keep the opposite foot rest on the floor.
  • While holding this pose, work on drawing your lower back in and engaging your abs.
  • Stay in this pose for five or more breaths and then slowly lower down your legs to the ground and let go your partner’s hands.

#6 Forward Bend Lounge

Forward Bend Lounge is one of the most relaxing partner yoga poses that gives amazingly deep stretch in the hamstrings as well as lower back. This stretches the abs, chest and arms of the person on the top. Partner who is in the bottom gets an amazing stretch for the backs of their legs, and the partner who is on top feels an incredible lengthening in their spine.

forward bendProcedure of Forward Bend Lounge

  • Partner 1 sits on the floor, keeping his legs opened straight out in front of him and folds forward as far as possible to come into a Seated Forward Bend.
  • Partner 2 tenderly sits on the Partner 1’s sacrum at the base of his spine and begins to lie down on the back of Partner 1.
  • Partner 2 should move softly as this will be very intense stretch for the hamstrings of Partner 2.
  • Both the partners can do small adjustments if required. Whenever any partner want to release this pose, Partner 2 should lifts her torso and sits up.
  • Repeat this pose with switching the roles of Partners.

#7 Double Gate

In the Double Gate pose you will experience deeper stretch in your spine as well as sides of your body.  Your hips and hamstrings got opened in this Gate pose.

Procedure of Double Gate pose:

  • Partner 1 and Partner 2 sit with facing each other as per Gate pose, keeping their right legs straight with the left knees bent. Touch their knees and make the inside of ankles together.
  • Both the partners are lean over their right leg and reach their left hand over their head towards their right foot.
  • Reach the right hand underneath to their partner’s bottom ribs. To get the deeper twist, softly pull on the partner.
  • Stay in this pose for five or more breaths. Then release your partner and come to the relaxing position.
  • Now both the partners straighten out their left leg and bend their right knee.
  • Repeat this pose on another side.

#8 Flying Bow

Flying Bow pose is just like backward flying pose in which one partner is on top and his back facing the partner. In this pose the partner who is in top will get an unbelievable stretch in their torso, chest, and shoulders, and the partner who is on the bottom will really appreciate the pressure and support on his lower back. If you are a beginner then it is advised to do this pose under the guidance of Yoga instructor.

flying bowProcedure of Flying Bow:

  • Firstly, your female partner will be able to suggest verbal cues to help you get up and stay balanced. Make sure to move slowly with control. Don’t do this pose with a guy on the bottom. Female partner is also a strong enough to lift someone.
  • Partner 1 who is on the bottom should lies horizontally on his back on the ground.
  • Partner 1 bends his knees and Partner 2 who is on top, stands by his hips and sits on the soles of his feet.
  • Partner 2 can hold on his ankles for support. Partner 1 can lower his knees near to his ribs but should not rest them on his chest.
  • Partner 1 flattens his legs in upward direction towards the ceiling, so that his feet are right over his hips. This will help him to use any muscle strength for holding Partner 1 up.
  • When both feel sure about the pose, Partner 2 can let go the ankles of Partner 1.
  • Stay like this or Partner 2 can bend her knees and reach her own ankles.
  • Hold this pose for five breaths and then release.
  • To come out from this pose, Partner 1 should bend his knees up to some extent and shifts his feet away from his torso, so that Partner 2 can place her feet smoothly on the ground.

Here we presented 8 amazing Yoga poses for the couples. Yoga is not only a miraculous remedy for every kind of diseases but it is also an essential part of life for the couples to strengthen their relation and making strong bonding for each other. To do any of Yoga poses with perfection requires proper guidance so it is highly recommended to go with expert yoga instructor.

Image Courtesy: ardhanarishvara.com , roxdoesyoga.com

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  1. These poses are quite interesting, appealing,may attract viewers. But has nothing to do with the concept of Yoga. Its meaning has been misunderstood. Yoga is a way of life practised in India from Vedic Period. The aim of Yoga is to control five scenes.renouncing earthly desire ultimately to attain motcha to avoid rebirth. Yoga is divine aiming Spiritual wisdom, not gymnastic are physical exercise. to make body flexible, Aasanas, and Pranayaamam (Breathing deep)makes healthy living can be practised by all in an orderly way without demoralizing the spirit of Yoga .

  2. Amazing poses with attractive images and wonderful benefits. The poses i liked most is Double Standing Forward Bend and Down Dog Bow. Yoga Is one of the amazing exercise with tons of benefits.

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