Tadasana (Mountain Pose) Yoga Pose

tadasana mountain pose

Tadasana is one of the basic yoga pose that is also known at Mountain pose in western countries. You can find different variations in Tadasana in different discipline of yoga. Here are three aspects that one should consider while practicing this pose:

  • Dhrishti – It is recommended in Ashtanga Vinasya Yoga that drishti in Tadasana should be “Nasagra Drishti“; means eyes should be at the tip of the nose
  • Bandhas – Mula bandh, Uddiyana bandh and Jalandhara bandh are recommended body lock (here I assume that you know what is Badha in yoga) for this asana.
  • Variations – As I said earlier, you can find different variations in Tadasana. You follow your yoga teacher’s instructions.

I would like to share this detailed outline about “Tadasana”. I am not sure about actual source of this image. You can find citation in image itself. In given infographic, you can learn:

  • How to perform Tadasana (mountain yoga pose)
  • Benefits of Tadasana
  • Anatomy
  • Important tips for beginners, intermediate and experts
  • Other important tips about Tadasana

tadasana yoga pose

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