Is Yoga Helpful in Weight Loss and Body Tone Up?

Yoga for Weight LossYoga for Weight Loss! Right or Wrong? If true then which are those yoga poses that can really help in losing weight? This is common question asked by many people practicing yoga and wants to lose their weight.

As I said earlier, I am not expert in Yoga and always tried to learn something new by sharing questions raised by people around me. We have our expert yoga teacher here who offering special yoga program for weight loss. Here is the more information about how yoga can help you in weight loss.

While surfing about Yoga, I came across this wonderful question asked by Caitie at

She is asking that:

I’ve been trying to loose weight, and tone up a little bit. I want to know how successful yoga is when trying to do so. I weigh about 175, and I want to weigh about 140-130. With the right dieting is it possible to do so if I do yoga every day for about an hour? I also want to be down to 150-140 by August. Possible? Maybe not lose that much weight, but I’m about a size 8 in jeans, I want to be a size 4. Is that possible do you think?

One of the most popular Yoga DVD by Ana Brett & Ravi Singh got more than 375 customer review and overall rating is more than 4.5 out of 5 at Amazon Store. I read some reviews of this yoga dvds where people shared their experience of losing weight with the help of various yoga poses.

I am aware of the fact that 1 hour of Aerobics or other heavy exercise can burn more calories as compare to 1 hour of yoga exercise. Still, I am not sure which one is better and why?

Kindly share your experience of losing weight with Yoga Exercise and their benefits over other weight loss exercises.

12 thoughts on “Is Yoga Helpful in Weight Loss and Body Tone Up?

  1. i am in search of such type of yoga instructor who can help me to reduce my belly fat…please share your experience in detail so that one can get help from here with pictures of yoga poses.
    Thanks for sharing the useful information.Now i have got confidence by reading this blog…and i am sure i can improve my health by doing yoga!

    1. K Pozos,

      We are pleased to know that you liked our blog,

      Kindly provide more information about your city and location, i am sure; we can help you to locate yoga teacher in your area.

    1. Thank you for your comment, i just found that you are running yoga school in Rishikesh. I will really appreciate if you can share your experience about weight loss and yoga.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Neil,
      I just referred your website for yoga kid and really impressed with the work you are doing. All the best 🙂

  2. There are 6 basic yoga poses. Forward bends, back bends, side bends, twists, balance poses and inversions. Many yoga poses combine more than one of these. Connecting poses together allows us to have a complete yoga experience. Using the breath moves the energies of these poses through the body more efficiently.
    The reason we lose weight when we do yoga has to do, mainly, with these 3 things:
    #1 Breathing more efficiently into the soft belly as you inhale and gently drawing the navel up and in as you exhale.
    #2 The movements of forward, backward, side and twisting puts gentle pressure on the organs of the body which allows these organs to release toxins and soften and heal.
    #3 Once we experience #1 and #2 our entire body begins the process of healing, of feeling happier. This allows an additional relaxation of the nervous system and release of excess stress. As we begin to feel better we want to eat healthier and with more awareness. Simple steps to a healthy body, at a good weight for you as an individual.

    1. Deb it was very detailed and informative comments on weight loss and yoga. I personally practicing them since last couple of days and what i feel is; the right pose can really help a lot and you pointed out them very correctly.

      Namaste !!

  3. very useful article. in my own opinion yoga is very helpful in weight loss and shape your body. I invite you all to check HealthandYoga weight loss program which going held in INDIA ,You will interact with individuals with similar interest from different parts of the will become your yoga holiday with the benefit of losing your weight .

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