Interview with Franz Andrini

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parshva dhandasana by franzYogaAndrini, the comprehensive yoga program which helps people to lose weight and living a healthy life. Today, we are pleased to publish our interview with Mr. Franz Andrini who developed this comprehensive treatment of obesity and powerful detoxification though tradition yogic approach.

Franz Andrini Yoga TeacherFranz Andrini is practicing yoga and other spiritual practices since the age of 17. He spent over 10 years in India to learn yoga from leading yoga gurus and teachers. Today he travels around the world to teach yoga. His yoga teaching techniques are two kinds, the first one is “YogaAndrini” focuses on wellness approach. And the second one is “Yogarahasya” that focuses on deeper levels of yogic practices through advance asanas and various meditation techniques.

Franz is the founder of where you can find his recent yoga events, yoga videos and other helpful information related to yoga.

YogaCurious: Can you begin by telling us how you start your journey with yoga?

Franz: When I was 17, I have realized that one day I will have to die. So profound, terrifying and mystifying was the thought of dead and its mirror – life, that I had no other solution but to find the answer to it; no matter what and how long it takes. Naturally, with it came all other questions, like the existence of God, purpose of living etc…

Soon after I began meeting people who shed the light on my quest and meditation unfolded naturally.

YogaCurious: …and yoga?

Franz: Yoga was first in the form of meditation as I could not comprehend the purpose of asanas in the spiritual life. However, asanas looked attractive alternative to my sport pursuits. In high school I was the only boy in the classroom and after I started asana practice the gym teacher let me did my asanas, while the girls played with balls. Since then asanas are a regular part of my fitness regime and also form the way for channeling my prana.

YogaCurious: You have spent several years in the ashram. What did you learn there and how it influenced your yoga?

Franz: I was first with Hare Krishnas and after a sting in the ashram in Germany; I left for Mayapur, in West Bengal, and studied in the Gurukula there. It was a very good time for me. We dedicated lots of time for Sanskrit, Yagnas, Vedic chants and philosophy of Vedanta from a GaudiyaVaishnava perspective.

Despite learning well, I wasn’t satisfied with the knowledge gathered. I wanted to broaden my horizons and understand Yoga and Vedanta from a different, perhaps more neutral perspective.

Soon after that I landed in Mysore, in the south of India to learn with Pattabhi Jois the Ashtanga system of yoga. His fees were too steep for me, a poor student at that time, and by God’s gracesomebody has introduced me to Yogavisharada Sri BNS Iyengar, who was willing to share his vast ocean of yoga knowledge with me. I really consider myself very fortunate to spent quality time with the master over the years.

YogaCurious: What did you learn from him?

Franz: First there was just enormous study of Ashtanga-vinyasa system. Slowly he introduced me to Mudras and Kundalini practices. After 9 years I have taken to Pranayama, then to meditation and lastly to the Vedanta from Sri Vaishnava perspective; Vishishta advaita, unique non-dual in comparison with Advaita, non-dual thought.

Of course, the learning was all through the process of Kundalini yoga, which acted as a base for all my studies with the master.

YogaCurious: You have been studying Ayurveda as well.

Franz: In the realm of Ayurveda, I take guidance of Sri V.C Madhusoodan, from Kerala. From him I also learn technical parts of Pujas, Mantras for the practices my guru has thought me.

YogaCurious: When did you decided to share yoga with others?

Franz: To be frank, when there was a need to earn living. Before I was a part time model doing fashion shows and photo shoots in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. That simply wasn’t enough to cover my living as the major time was dedicated to the study of yoga. I’ve told my guru that I will be moving from Mysore to Bangalore and his first words were:” Good, now you can teach yoga there.” I felt relieved as that was exactly the answer I was hoping to get. I would feel bad doing it without his permission.
And yes, that was in 2001.

YogaCurious: What do you love the most about teaching yoga?

Franz: The best part is that joy of giving something substantial, be it for the spiritual or health purposes.

YogaCurious: What in your opinion are the greatest health benefits of doing yoga?

Franz: It is thorough cleansing of the body and mind. My focus arethe gastro intestinal disorders, which I cure with specially designed practice, simply called Yoga for Weight Loss and Detox, which has its online avatara in Slimmer in 60 Days course. All found on my web site. With this course we focus on curing variety of illnesses and diseases, besides helping people lose weight or slim, if needed to be.

YogaCurious: What advice you will give to people who want to start practicing (learning) yoga?

Franz: Find a good teacher.

YogaCurious: What advice you will give to Yogis who want to be a yoga teacher?

Franz: Always remain a student first.

YogaCurious: In today’s era, all are busy with work and all. Which asanas you suggest our readers that can be performed in small time-stamp and can help to tone whole body?

Franz: Well…there are always advises about those few asanas that will reignite the life in the body; however it is best to have a bit structured practice even when the time is short. Generally I would suggest asanas that expel Vata (air) out of the body to be done first. Let’s say….Ardha Chandrasana, Virabhadra, Trikonasana, Utkatasana, Urdhva prasarita padasana, Kundukanasana, Mandukanasana and Balasana would be the simple and effective remedy for the body, mind and spirit, when the time is short.

YogaCurious: Say few words for our readers…

Franz: Life is short and unpredictable, what is auspicious today can turn ominous tomorrow, therefore practice yoga always to clean your body and mind and to realign with the eternal all-pervading spirit.


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